It's easier than ever to support swimwear brands doing the right thing by the environment, thanks to new, innovative fabrics and designers' commitment to healthy living, both for them and the planet. These bikini brands are doing it right.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A

As one of the environment-focused OGs, Vitamin A uses EcoLux, their exclusive fabric composed of recycled fibers. Leaving a minimal environmental footprint is their motto, too – every step of the manufacturing process is dedicated to conserving water and minimizing energy use.




What can you expect from a surfer-turned-model with an unconditional love for the ocean? Nothing less than a fashionable collection of wetsuits and bikinis made of limestone neoprene, an eco-friendly rubber that’s uber functional.


Amara 2016 collection


Amara’s bikinis are as effortlessly sexy as they get. Seamless and trendsetting silhouettes, as seen in their staple Hotcakes bottoms, are made with recycled fabrics and Xtra Life Lycra, which adds durability.


Giejo Swimwear


This American brand utilizes vintage and reclaimed textiles that are sourced domestically — meaning your mother’s ‘70s suit may reincarnate as a Giejo limited-edition design.


Auria Swimwear


"Fish net fashion" is all about regenerating the non-biodegradable nylon that’s swimming in our seas and incorporating it into wearable art. Auria is taking a singularly firm position on improving the marine environment by incorporating this discarded material into playful swimwear.


Luz Swimwear

Luz Collection

Luz’s core values mean saying no to pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and GMOs in cotton fabrication — all standard elements in one of the most polluting industries in the world, cotton production