We’re Envision bound, heading south to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica to experience the Pura Vida. This lifestyle event encompasses everything we love: waves, sun, sand and culture. We’ll be feeding our wanderlust hearts many vinyasas amidst the jungle, dances with friends, play-times in bamboo playgrounds, spoken workshops and sunset surfs. But one thing is for sure — we won’t let fussy festival fashion interfere with the fun. Carefree days call for easy clothing and basic beach essentials. Take a look at what we’re packing and get going — catch a quick flight out or add this must-visit fest to your bucket list.


1. Tori Praver Delia short, $79  — Easy-breezy shorts to layer with a suit. 

2. Sugar 100% Recycled Wetsuit yoga mat, $79 — Why not be kind to Earth while you yoga it out? 

3. Lovett & Chin facial mist, $34 — An ethically produced, antioxidant facial mist to combat humid days. 

4. Clare V. fanypack, $259 — You’ll be stoked to have this hands-free piece. 

5. Indah Margaux one-piece, $76 — The all-around beach festival suit,  perfect for surfing the waves, stretching in a yoga session or dancing barefoot. 

6. Ocean Cyclops, $89 — Bring an edgy feel to a laid-back look with ray-blocking shades. 

7. BKR Metallic Heart glass water bottle, $35 — Because a Leave No Trace event like this requests your own personal glass bottle. 

8. Shade SPF30 sunscreen, $2 — Travel size, so you have no excuse not to shield yourself from harsh UV rays. 

9. Poppy and Somedayvitality tonic tincture, $15 — Natural meds to keep you going all fest long. 

10. Blythe Leonard Riviera passport cover, $22 — The number-one thing you must not forget or leave behind. Protect your passport and get going! 

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