No shade, no game: The right pair of sunglasses instantly upgrades your OTD. (Just ask Kim Kardashian, who reportedly was on the receiving end of memos from Kanye re: the large sunglasses v. small sunglasses debate.) Whether you’re looking for an avant-garde frame or leaning toward a conservative take, we’ve got you covered.

Need a little extra guidance? Outside of general aesthetic, certain frames suit certain face shapes better than others. If that's important to you, consider this: 

A round face looks great balanced out by sharp, angular sunglasses. Stay away from roundies and opt for anything with straight edges — like the squared-off Wayfarer.

An oval face, with a narrow chin line, looks best with aviators. Choose thin metal frames to keep it all proportional — you don't want to appear forehead heavy. If you'd like to make a statement, go for reflective lenses — but be mindful of the size. Going too large will widen your top half.

Roundies are super fun, and look great on a square face. In fact, if your jawline is your most dominant feature, medium circle frames will soften your features. 

The perpertaully on-trend cat-eye shades work great with heart-shaped faces. If your chin is the narrowest face point, choose frames that are thicker at the top half or lift up at the outer angles.