Hawaiian floral shirts may seem like a thing reserved for elder tourist, but botanical patterns, especially in Aloha motifs, are making style statements this Spring. Here’s how to pair the popular pajama shirt with vacation bound pieces.

1. Superga 2790 Cotro sneakers, $89 — The platform pair of espadrilles that sets you apart. 

2. Tatiana Katzoff Anchor necklace, $28 — Play up the sea motifs with an anchor motif. 

3. Ellejay Bella one-piece, $186 — Not the plain Jane one-piece suit, this frong is quite peachy. 

4. Kapten and Son sunglasses, $119 — There's no better way to accents a suit than with matching hue sunglasses. 

5. SYJP Steve J & Yoni P shirt, $355 — It's pajama cut and botanical print make this the ultimate Spring shirt. 

6. Kayu Malia clutch, $75 — Nothing waves more tropical vibes than this Aloha bag. Image Map