Australian brand offers practical and pretty bikinis
By Kim DelMonico,

TRIANGL is a new Australian swimwear line that offers simple and sporty styles in bright neoprene fabric. sat down with one of the founders of Triangl, Erin Deering, to learn a little bit more about the brand. Please give us a little background on TRIANGL.
Deering: We [fiancé Craig Ellis] launched the label in December 2012, after our second date at the beach, when I couldn't find a bikini to wear. I ran around that morning and there was nothing that I liked, or was in my budget. Craig and I started discussing the gap in the market catering to girls like me, who wanted fashionable, quality swimwear without costing too much. And the rest is history, so they say! What makes your swimwear unique?
Deering: Largely due to the use of neoprene in all of our current pieces, as this fabric is amazingly comfortable and looks great as well. It’s an exciting fabric to work with as it allows bikinis to hold their shape and look really structured and modern. We also design swimwear that can be worn all day long at the beach; to swim in, sunbake in, run around, etc. Practical and fashionable! What is your favorite piece in your line and why?
Deering: I don’t have a favorite, it honestly changes each day! I literally wear a different bikini every time I go to the beach, and each time I say to Craig ‘I think this one is my favorite.’ I just love the neoprene and how it gives me the perfect shape by smoothing out any little bumps. What are the main influences behind your brand?
Deering: The endless summer! We are driven to make swimwear that suits summer, sunshine and the beach. Simple, classic and cool. We are influenced by anything that falls into those three categories. What makes the perfect bikini?
Deering: A perfect bikini to us is when the girl wearing it loves it and it becomes her favorite. For whatever reason that is—whether it’s a specific color or style—if she loves it and wants to wear it because it makes her feel great, that’s the perfect bikini to us. What celebrity would you love to see wearing your line?
Deering: We get more of a kick from seeing our customers in our swimwear. Girls who like our label enough to invest their money into purchasing a Triangl bikini; this is what we really get a thrill out of!


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