Ivy Miller and Shannon Barker

These two bikini besties — Ivy Miller and Shannon Barker — hit up Palm Springs to kick off festival season in the best way possible: enjoying a day of poolside fun with lineup tunes and the rest of the NewMark crew. We caught up with the two and chatted about their festival favorites: from "Dustchella" nightmares to wardrobe no-no’s, here’s what they had to say.

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Ivy Miller and Shannon Barker


What’s the best Coachella you’ve ever been to?

Shannon: This is a tough one for me to answer! I've been to Coachella the last two years and both times have been different but equally fun. I'm going have to go with the first year. It was such a fun and exciting experience because it was all so new to me and because I met my now boyfriend while I was there – you can't really beat that.

Ivy: My favorite Coachella was my first in 2012. I went with my whole family — it was such an epic bonding experience! 


Best Coachella party you’ve ever been too?

Shannon: My favorite parties are always the barn parties at vestal village. They're just so different than the other parties — they're smaller and more exclusive and much more laidback. 

Ivy: I've always been camping, so the campsite parties are always a blast.


Who’s going with you?

Shannon: I always go with a big group of friends. It's not too planned out, though. I'm for sure going with my boyfriend, my best friend, and her boyfriend, and then we'll just meet up with other friends when we get out there.

Ivy: The NewMark crew.


Who are you excited to see perform live?

Shannon: The past two years have taught me not to get my hopes up too much. There’re always a few performances that I've really wanted to see, but I've missed out because of what friends want do or just not making it to the stage in time. But Cold War Kids, Disclosure, Flume, the 1975, BØRNS and ASAP Rocky are at the top of my list. 

Ivy: I’m stoked to see ASAP Rocky, super stoked to see Beach House, Flume, g-eazy, Grimes, Ice Cube, Nina Kraviz, Rae Sremmurd, RL Grime! 


Camping, glamping or renting a place outside of the venue?

Shannon: I guess you would call it glamping because we'll be staying in an RV. Every year I've stayed at Vestal Village — it's an invite-only campground outside of the festival.

Ivy: Camping!

What’s your signature Coachella style? 

Shannon: I'll definitely be rocking some vintage pieces, a bandana, and denim cut-offs. My signature Coachella style is just my everyday style, but more fun! I like to wear my favorite staple pieces but add some festival flare with jewelry. I try not to go overboard, though — the last thing you want to deal with when you're at the festival is too many fussy accessories.         


Your go-to bikini for a Coachella pool party?

Ivy: An Acacia kini!


How will you be accessorizing that bikini?

Ivy: With a tan!

Any bad Coachella memories?

Shannon: Coachella 2014, a.k.a. "Dust-chella" — there were these horrible dust storms happening every night that year. Everything was completely covered in dust and dirt — it was awful.


Any nightmare outfit choices you’ve made in previous Coachella years?

Shannon: I've only been the last two years, so I'm not embarrassed yet. The only thing I regret is not wearing more comfortable shoes.

Ivy: A black leotard and a top hat with purple hair.

Do you carry a fanny pack, backpack or purse to the event? What’s most likely to be in it?

Shannon: A small backpack is my favorite way to go. A wireless phone charger, chapstick, deodorant, snacks, my film camera and a sweatshirt because it actually gets really cold at the festival at night. 

Ivy: A little purse satchel with my phone, film point-and-shoot, snacks, and some party favors.


Any artist that’s on the line-up that you’re absolutely hooked on?

Shannon: Cold War Kids — they've been one of my favorite bands since I was in high school.


Going first or second weekend?

Shannon: First.

Ivy: First.


Any celeb you want to spot or party with?

Shannon: Not really — I mean there’s always celebs at the parties, but when you're out there, the only thing you really care about is spending time and making memories with your friends.

Ivy: It'd be sick to run into Gucci Mane.