Fine-art and commercial photographer Andrew Day was an all-American swimmer — so clearly he has a thing for the water. We adore his bikini snaps, which always radiate with joy and unfettered fun. The New York City-based Day has a way of crafting images that blur the lines of style and art, bringing a certain edge and personal perspective that lend them a unique atmosphere all their own. His Beach Eye answers offer a glimpse into his creative mind. 

Most beautiful face I've ever seen: A freshly washed, sun-kissed face.

Best room with a view: Ocean view suite at the Faena.

Instagram account everyone should follow: @drunkpeopledoingthings and @overheardnewyork.

Most visually amazing movie: City of God

Person I most want to photograph: I don’t know if I have an individual in particular that’s on my list. At the moment, I’m looking more to the experiences involved in making a photograph that I get to share with people along the way. That said — Beyoncé.

Work of art or (photograph) I can't stop thinking about: "The Blaze" by Territory Music Video.


Favorite camera to shoot with: Right now, the Sony a6000. I love it because the size of it (point and shoot) changes the relationship between the people I'm photographing and me. I’m really loving the way the sensor behaves and its color cast. The past few months, I have shot swimwear, beauty, and fine-art prints with this camera.

Biggest inspiration: My mom, dad and sister are equally inspiring in their own ways; it translates to my daily life.

Where I haven't been that I most want to go: All of India, all of Africa and Asia. I’ve been many places, but I’m just getting started, so basically the entire world.

Best piece of photography advice I've ever received: There are many. Most have come on a personal note from my mentors, but one that I think is relative to everyone is from Nick Onken, "Always be shooting."

What makes someone beautiful? I think the laws of attraction are different and constantly changing for everyone. I’ve always enjoyed watching people that are very passionate about what they are doing. So for me, it’s passion.

What's more interesting to you (and why), a natural look or a strongly made-up/crafted look? Natural look, always. Each natural thing is already strongly crafted and unique.

To filter or not? No filter

Favorite time of day to shoot: Every time of day is different and no two days are alike. Variety is the spice of life!

A location that I'm dying to shoot at/in: Bolivia. There are a lot of locations in the country that are basically untouched in the photography/fashion world. There’s so much natural beauty and culture that I’m excited to explore.

First memory of snapping a photograph: I took our family’s Easter portrait when I was very little in front of my grandma’s house. Also, a black and white of my dog, Brittany, on our back porch.

Music that inspires me: Live music

When I need to jolt my creativity, I do this: Relax and take a step back — or travel.

Photographers I most admire and why: Slim Aarons — I love the beach and I love pools. He lived his life photographing glamorous lives surrounding both. Guy Bourdain — his composition is unrivaled and inspiring. I don’t know much about him as a person or even about his career, but just seeing his work pushes me to be better and occupy space differently.

The next picture I plan to make is: Outside of my commercial work, I’m constantly taking photos when out with my friends, and I’m continuing a black and white portrait series.