Brazilian model and entrepreneur Ludi Delfino knows a thing or two about bikinis: By her estimates, she'll go through 100 on a shoot. All that trying-on made her an expert in texture, fit, and feel — knowledge she's since put to work with the debut of her Ellejay line of swimwear, made in collaboration with her friend, stylist Jordyn Pressler. "We teamed up to make bikinis that not only look sexy but have an amazing fit on all women," Delfino tells us. 

Below, Ludi answers our 20 Questions — including her favorite beach in the world, the must-shop pieces from her line, and her favorite word in her native Portuguese. (It's awesome.) 

For more from Ludi, don't miss her Snapchat takeover July 5th as we celebrate National Bikini Day the best way possible: with beaches and bikinis. Summer's just getting started! 

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Above: Ludi wears the Rosa top and Daniela bottom.

Birthplace? Criciuma, in the south of Brazil

Current hometown? Beverly Hills

Favorite beach in the world? Guarda Do Embau, Brazil



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Best thing about being Brazilian? We know how to have fun with nothing

Best thing about being part Italian? The mix of Brazilian and Italian food my family makes — especially my brother.



Favorite place to go for a hike? Echo Cliffs, Malibu

If you could get on a plane and go somewhere right now, where would you go? Greece

Celebrity crush? Ryan Gosling



Favorite beach food? Acai

Thing you really want to cross off your bucket list? To sail the Amalfi Coast  

What's your plan for the Olympics? I'm going to root for Brazil to win as many medals as possible. I hope to be able to see some games, live, in person, too. 



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Favorite piece in the Ellejay line? I have so many. If I had to choose — the Amores one-piece (seen above) and Rosa and Daniela in all the colors we have — the fit is amazing. Sorry — that was more than one!

Why start a bikini brand? I'm in a unique position — my job allows me to shoot over 100 bikinis a day. I noticed that the common problem with all the bikinis I shot was the fit. I would like the print — but not the fit. So I teamed up with my stylist friend Jordyn Pressler to make bikinis that not only look sexy but have an amazing fit on all women.  

Are you ready for Miami's Swim Week? It's a little stressful but the good parties help to relieve my pain.



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Next vacation? Brazil

Best thing about being a model? Everyone treats you very well  

Weirdest thing? People think you have an easy job but it's actually very difficult sometimes.



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Favorite word in Portuguese? "Saudade" (Editor's note: "This untranslatable Portuguese term refers to the melancholic longing or yearning. A recurring theme in Portuguese and Brazilian literature, 'saudade' evokes a sense of loneliness and incompleteness.") 

Signature scent? Chanel Platinum Egoiste  

Favorite quote? "You can't always get what you want" — the Rolling Stones