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Vendor Description BYCHARI

  • BYCHARI is more than a jewelry line –– it's a way for women to share and create their stories as an extension and expression of their style and personality, and a way of celebrating both defining moments and the simple beauty of every day. 
  • Established in 2012, BYCHARI is a reflection of designer Chari Cuthbert's unique, refined minimalistic approach to life and style.
  • Inspired by having lived in cities all over the world, Chari pared down her closet to simple, high-quality investment pieces, often passed down from women in her family or found on her travels, each piece told a story and became a way to redefine minimal style. 
  • Handmade sustainably in Los Angeles, Chari and her team remain committed to supporting local small businesses so that each BYCHARI piece can be worn with confidence.
  • Effortless, unique, and modern, each handmade piece is designed for women who appreciate simplicity but demand luxury, ranging from essential, everyday jewelry to her more luxury fine and signature custom pieces. 
  • BYCHARI is worn by household names that define what style is today–– including Kate Hudson, Rose Huntington-Whiteley, Aimee Song, Chiara Ferragni, and Rocky Barnes.