If you don’t know Paige More, you should. This breast cancer previvor babe swooned our hearts in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a candid chat that was super informative and relatable — like literally, this could happen to anyone. 

It is her bubbly and supportive spirit that made us want to support her journey even more. With one month shy of exchange surgery and an New Year's Eve Carribean cruise in the horizon, we reached out to partake in her first post-surgery bikini experience. Here, Paige gets super real and shares it all with us. Plus, her curated Breastie bikini collection specially created for breast cancer previvors and survivors is ready to shop with 20% off — just use her special promo code PAIGELOVE at checkout. 


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BIKINI: Can you explain your surgery procedures? 

PAIGE MORE: After I had my preventative double mastectomy, I had expanders placed under my muscle. They look similar to implants, but they have small ports where my doctors can inject saline into them to help expand my skin and get my body ready for the implants. Once you have expanded to the size that you want, you can plan for your exchange surgery, where you exchange your expanders out for your implants. 

BIKINI: Was having expanders very difficult? 

PM: I felt like my expanders looked weird and foreign, because they were. They were these odd and foreign objects my body wasn’t used to and they really messed with my self-confidence. I felt like any time I was in a bikini people would stare. Even worse, I had multiple people come up to me and tell me that they knew "good doctors who could fix [my] botched boob job.”

I couldn’t wait until my exchange surgery. I was so ready to get the implants and hopefully feel and look 'normal' again. Even though I was getting implants, this wasn’t like a typical boob job. Yet, I couldn’t help but hope that my new foobs (fake boobs) would look like the results I had seen from women who had had boob jobs. I was expecting and hoping for 'perfection.'


BIKINI: How did you feel post surgery?

PM: After my exchange surgery, the first thing I did was look down at my chest. [I thought,] What are these?! These did not look like the implants I was expecting and I was secretly heartbroken. I hated them, which made me start to hate my body. About a month after my exchange surgery I was set to go on a cruise with my family. Though I was beyond excited to spend some time on the beach soaking up the sun, I was extremely nervous about putting on a bikini and being in front of strangers. Cue the anxiety and that mean little voice we know all too well. The thought of having someone come up to me to help me with “those things” was traumatizing, and it made me question the way I felt about my own body. 


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BIKINI: How was it collaborating with us at Bikini.com? 

PM: Bikini.com saved the day! When I was approached about working together to curate a special selection of suits picked out for the Breasties, I was ecstatic. Even though I am a California beach girl who has spent the majority of her life in the ocean and on the beach, I really wasn’t too familiar with bikinis and their specific functions and details. So sitting down with Shannon and the rest of the Bikini.com team was beyond insightful. There's so much goes into the design and fabric of bikinis. I learned so much about why brands use certain fabrics and which brands would be ideal for the Breasties, who have had reconstruction, based on our sensitive skin after our surgeries. Learning about the design of the bikinis helped me better pick out which ones would be best for me and my body. Even though I believe every body is a bikini body, it does help to know which bikini is going to feel and look the best. 


BIKINI: Did this help with the anxiety of wearing a bikini for the first time? 

PM: Yes! We picked out a ton of really cute bikinis and I felt part of my anxiety fade away as the excitement crept in. Plus, when you know what you're looking for and what is going to look and feel good, you feel more prepared and makes actually wearing the suit feel less daunting. It’s like these bikinis were my secret weapons on the beach that I could use to ward off those nasty comments and not-so-sly-stares. A totally priceless super power if you ask me. 

BIKINI: How did you actually feel putting on that first bikini? 

PM: Our first stop was in Turks and Caicos; I wanted my first bikini to be a total show stopper. I kept thinking to myself — let them stare! The team picked out this red OYE bikini and it was everything. I was so excited to put it on, I almost forgot about my fears. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how beautiful I felt. Putting on this suit was a huge step towards falling in love with my body again. The bright red color, the off-shoulder neckline, and criss-cross design all made me feel so empowered and sexy and most importantly, more like myself again. With each bikini I put on, I felt better and better in my own skin. Some of the suits showed my scars, which I love to show off! Some made my slope seem more apparent, which I got over and all of the bikinis were made from such soft fabrics, they felt incredible against my skin. 


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BIKINI: What was most difficult about wearing a bikini for the first time after surgery?

PM: Let’s be real, getting in a bikini can be hard enough! Now add in the extra anxiety of someone judging my foobs — that can make someone want to hide under a towel or never put on a bikini again. Having your body completely change so drastically can really mess with your idea of self-love and body positivity so I have had to reteach myself how to take a step back, ignore those small voices, and accept this new version of myself; scars, ripples, foobs, indents, and all. 


BIKINI: What did you most learn from this experience? 

PM: I used to think that having positive body image was about your body looking good and being beautiful and perfect, because that’s what we are all used to seeing on TV and in magazines. What I have learned though, is that no one is perfect. Every body has something unique. Having a positive body image isn’t about thinking that your body looks good, it’s about knowing your body is good regardless of how it looks. It’s not about being perfect or beautiful, it's about believing you are more than just beautiful and that there is no such thing as perfect, but in reality it’s our imperfections that make us truly beautiful. 


BIKINI: You referenced a few bikinis you wore showed your slope. What exactly are you referring to?

PM: Unlike a boob job when they don’t take anything away (they just add implants), with a double mastectomy they take out so much that when they put the implants in, often times there is a very noticeable slope. 


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