Happy New Year! The start of a fresh, new year is the perfect time to let go of what doesn't work in order to make room for what feels right. The edit team right here at BIkini is zeroing in on ways to make 2017 better — so here are a few of our own personal resolutions. We'd love to hear about yours! 



Spending time purposefully means more time for swimming at gorgeous beaches like this. 

I like to spend my Christmas Days reading self-help blog posts, and this year, I found one by Tim Ferris — the guy behind the whole 4 Hour Work Week, which is basically about trimming your schedule down to its barest bones so you can spend more time swimming. He said something in the post that totally clicked for me: Decisions have to be either "Hell, yeah" or "No thanks." What trips me up in my creative life is my tendency to want to do everything — it's not enough that I want to read books by translated writers — I want to read a book by an author from every country in the world. Uh, I'm sticking to that project, because I'm obsessed with it, but, like, maybe I can give up on my plan to learn to make every pastry in my cookbook of French pastries. (For the record: I can't even scramble an egg.) Maybe I can skip learning to reupholster my couch. Maybe I don't have to handpaint all my plants' pots? For 2017, I'm going to try super-hard to submit my creative projects to the "Hell, yeah!" test — and if they don't qualify, kick them to the curb. —Diane, editor



Finding Ferdinand's lush lipcolor. 

This year I'm getting serious about purging the mediocre. My purses are filled with lipsticks in meh colors, my closet stocked with hangers holding clothes I never wear, and I drink my morning coffee from a mug that was a gift, but I don't love it. As I get older, I want to feel that every purchase, every decision I make, is fueled by quality, not economy or convenience. My first order of business is nailing down my beauty routine: to streamline the steps so it's quick and easy and also edit down my arsenal to only truly flattering, effective products that feel luxurious and comfortable. I plan to pamper with nourishing face oils and zero in on two or three super-flattering, gorgeous lip shades that swipe on easily and always make me look instantly prettier. Finding Ferdinand is a genius bespoke lippy company that is going to make those blah pink tubes in my purse a thing of the past. —Biba, features editor 



Suzanne Sullivan's inspiring ceramics.

I tend to travel a lot, and as crazy as I may sound, a part of me needs more grounding and less back-and-forth right now. So for 2017, I plan on making my part-time space in Costa Rica more home-y — so far, it's a simple beachy, no-shoes place that needs more love, with cozy throws and fun art pieces. Aside from that, I plan on focusing on self-love and care; nourishing myself with more SUP, beach, hiking and enroll in ceramic classes — it's something I've always wanted to do.  —Diana, fashion editor



A curated closet that exudes personal style.

I've been struggling with expressing my creativity —  specifically, finding my own aesthetic and how to project it outwards. A part of this is surrounding myself with things that inspire me. Whether it be decorating my room or dressing for the day, I want to make sure I stay true to me. In a creative field, it's important to know what your aesthetic is. The world is for me to discover and create and that's something I want to pursue in 2017. —Samantha, editorial assistant