If you don't know Ty French, you need to read till the very bottom of this. He's an uber stylish charmer with the type of stunning Instagram account we're secretly jelly for — with aqua filled pics and a carefree essence that totally captures his Merman superpower desire. How can we not adore him hard?


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BIKINI: What's your name? Do you have a nickname, if so what's the story behind it? 

Tyson French: My name is Tyson French! Most people call me Ty because of my Instagram handle! Other than that, I don’t really have any nicknames. 


BIKINI: Hometown and current location? 

TF: Hometown? Oh boy, that’s a long story. I moved around a ton growing up. Kansas, Minnesota, Utah, Arizona, Virginia and California have all been called home at some point! Mainly I call Utah and Arizona home as that's where I spent the most time growing up. Now I am lucky to call Los Angeles home! 


BIKINI: What's your occupation?

TF: I am a photographer and social media influencer. 


BIKINI: What are you most passionate about? 

TF: I am super passionate about documenting. I love to document my life and the lives of others through photography. I love being able to look at an old photo and have so many amazing memories come to mind. 


BIKINI: What are your thoughts on social media?

TF: Social media? Love her. Haha. For real tho, I think social media can get a bad rep, but I think it’s all about your mindset. I love seeing other people’s lives and how they choose to document and share. It’s inspiring to know that other people out there are reaching similar goals you have. Also with moving a lot, it helps me to keep in contact with lots of friends and family. 


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BIKINI: What's your life motto? 

TF: My life motto is,“Stay tuned” — this might seem silly, but I say it probably a hundred times a day. I feel like patience is such a beautiful thing. 


BIKINI: What's been your greatest accomplishment?

TY: Probably my job! I am proud of how hard I work and the time I put in to make the life I live possible. 


BIKINI: What's your preferred bikini style? One-pieces, high-waist, cheeky or not? Don't care?

TY: Honestly, I don’t really care. I think different styles compliment different body types and all are beautiful. 


BIKINI: What's one thing you'd change/add/or destroy in today's culture? 

TY: I would destroy homophobia and small-minded ideology. 



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BIKINI: What are your hobbies?

TY: I love SoulCycle (it’s a spin studio). Such a fun workout environment while at the same time they motivate you through day to day life, not just fitness.


BIKINI: If you had to describe yourself in three words, they would be? 

TY: Mmmm, this is so hard! Probably: adaptable, adventurous and considerate. 


BIKINI: Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

TY: My best friend, Jaci Smith, is a huge inspiration to me! She is such a hard worker and is so genuine. Such a good example to me. 


BIKINI: What's one life lesson you most recently learned? 

TY: That you don’t have to have everything figured out. Don’t stress too much about the future, because you only have control over so much.


BIKINI: What's your best life-hack advice?

TY: Fake it till you make it baby! 



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BIKINI: What's your take on selfies? 

TY: Is this a trick question? I’m a selfie master. Self-love is v. important! 


BIKINI: What would be a perfect date? 

TY: Stargazing! (With food of course) 


BIKINI: What is your fave beach and why?

TY: The Bahamas. If you’ve been, you know why. If you haven’t, change that. 


BIKINI: What/where is your happy place and why?

TY: Home. Nothing better than being home and in your own bed. 


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BIKINI: Do you have any tunes on repeat right now?

TY: “No Excuses” by Ralph Felix! Such a summer jam. 


BIKINI: If you had a superpower, it would be? 

TY: I think I would like to be able to breathe underwater. Basically, I just wanna be a Merman. 


BIKINI: Fave food/snack that you cannot live without?

TY: Flamin'. Hot. Cheetos. Can’t stop won’t stop. 



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BIKINI: What's your vice?

TY: Food, always. 


BIKINI: Who is your celebrity crush? 

TY: Zac Efron, High School Musical for days. 


BIKINI: Top 3 places you'd visited? Why were they your fave?

TY: The Bahamas, that water is more clear than my bathtub. Amalfi Coast, Italy has the most chill vibe and the cutest architecture. New York City, mark my words one day I will live there! 


BIKINI: What's next on your bucket list?

TY: I really want to go to Africa. 


BIKINI: Work of art/photograph/book you can't stop thinking about?

TY: Call Me by Your Name, so good. 


BIKINI: What's your biggest pet-peeve? 

TY: People being ingenuine. 


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BIKINI: What are your #lifegoals? 

TY: Married happily with two healthy kids. The simple things. 


BIKINI: You'd be surprised to know that I:

TY: There are six kids in my family! Big ol’ bunch. 


BIKINI: Name an Instagram everyone should follow:

TY: @tezzamb, I mean really? She kills it. 


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