There’s nothing we love more than a stylishly bold slogan tee, and we’re always on the lookout for new designs that speak exactly what’s on our minds. When we discovered artist Dani Dazey’s Dazey LA Instagram feed, filled with Dani’s hand-drawn stylized slogan art printed on colorful tees, we had to learn more about her trendy art.

We sat down with Dani the artist and left feeling inspired by Dani the entrepreneur. Her passion for creating spaces for female entrepreneurs to work together, support, and inspire one another has us ready to start a side hustle just so we can hang out in her Instagram-ready Biz Babes space. Read on to check out her trendy designs and find out why we’re calling Dani Dazey our role model for 2018.

BIKINI: When did you first start drawing?

DANI DAZEY: I have been practicing artwork since before I can remember. I come from a very creative family and art was [always] encouraged. Almost every member of my family does something creative. My grandmother is an amazing artist and has always been a huge inspiration to me. I often wonder if it’s just in our genetics, or if it’s a nature and nurture thing.



BIKINI: What kind of artist is your grandmother?

DD: She paints with oils and acrylic on canvas. Her style is abstract, but tasteful. She’s always been very inspired by Picasso. She’s also a master of recreating any style of art and pulling it off perfectly, whether it’s realist or impressionist. On top of that, she writes and directs plays. Her most recent theater series has been portraying the life of different artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Monet and Salvador Dalí, to name a few. In these plays, she creates all the prop artwork, and they look identical to the actual artists’ [original work!]


BIKINI: What made you decide to put your work on tees?

DD: I originally went to school for fashion design. It wasn’t until I got an internship at a t-shirt company that I realized apparel graphics was an option. Two of my passions, art and fashion, combined and fused onto fabric. How cool is that? I haven’t looked back since.



BIKINI: What’s a design you’d like to create, but haven’t yet?

DD: I’m dying to get more into designing patterns. Things that take elements from my graphic tees but turn them into a matching pattern for a pant or skirt. That way, it will be a super cute matching set.


BIKINI: What’s your favorite design you’ve ever created?

DD: Oh boy. That’s such a hard question! I go back and forth, because sometimes the simpler graphics are easier to style, but I know all the hard work that went into the intricate ones. I would say right now, it’s my 'head in the clouds, feet to the pavement' tee. It’s inspired by one of my favorite artists, Wes Wilson, the pioneer of psychedelic art in the '60s and '70s. Here’s a photo of me wearing it:


BIKINI: Where do you do your drawing?

DD: I need to be in the right headspace to design. I love being around people, but in my own world. Sitting at a coffee shop with a latte by my side and headphones in really gets me in the right zone to work. Also, it’s been a dream drawing and working from my new inspiring space, Biz Babez.


BIKINI: Tell us about Biz Babez!

DD: Biz Babez is my second business. My brand @Dazey_LA is all about female empowerment, and I often work with fellow female entrepreneurs. I loved the energy these gals had and the feeling of having co-workers again. I wanted a space where I could work for myself, but not by myself. A beautiful space where I can create content for Dazey. A place for inspiration, collaboration, and community. One of my friends, Taryn, wanted the same thing, so we decided to work together and create this magical place. Biz Babez was born!

We are an all-female co-working and creative space in the heart of DTLA, decorated Pintrest-perfect for gals that 'gram. It’s only been open a few months now, but our community is growing quickly and it has been transformational for all involved.



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BIKINI: What’s the best thing about having access to an all-female co-working space?

DD: Being able to support one another and talk things out. Sometimes in the small business world, you feel like you’re the only one going through something, but having other women around who know what you’re going through is so assuring. We help each other out and make each other feel like we aren’t going crazy.



BIKINI: How do you see your art evolving in the coming years?

DD: I like to take current trends and concepts and mix them with a vintage feel. I’ve been doing this style of art for many years now, and feel that the vintage graphics are pretty timeless in the graphic tee world. But I imagine as I get older, I may want to transition into the textile and fine art world, but still fused to some sort of wearable piece. Perhaps bags, dresses or swimwear. Mara Hoffman is a huge inspiration to me and I love that she’s taken her bold and colorful prints, but really elevated them into a high fashion brand.



BIKINI: Who are some of your favorite artists to follow on Instagram?

DD: These are some women I am crazy inspired by! I’m lucky enough to call most of them friends as well: @raychponygold@wesleybird@kelli_murray@stuckwithpins and @harleyandj.