Nothing’s better than coming home to your loved ones — for many of us, that includes our four-legged friends. People love their pets, and swimwear designers are no exception. Here are the designers behind some of our favorite bikinis, and their fur-ever BFFs. 


Acacia Swimwear's Naomi Newirth and her French bulldog, Bronx

Naomi Newirth Bronx French Bulldog

It was love at first sight when Naomi Newirth, the designer behind Acacia Swimwear, first set eyes on her bulldog, Bronx. “I didn’t think at the time that I could get a dog. The owner wanted to sell me his brother, but I fell in love with him and couldn’t resist!” Bronx went home with Naomi, where she had to keep him hidden from her mom – which didn’t last long.

From then on, Naomi and her pup shared plenty of memories together, like when Bronx walked the runway at Miami Swim Week. “The crowd went crazy. He definitely stole the show.” Her all-time favorite memory? Cuddles in the morning and night. “He curls up under the covers and pins himself to me with his head on my tummy.” Don’t be fooled though — Bronx can be quite the attention-seeker. “He is very demanding of massages. He’ll post up and paw you if you stop massaging him.”


Check out Bronx's runway debut, at 17:58:


Kovey Swimwear's Kimzie Luong and her Siberian husky, Covey

Kimzie Luong Kovey Swimwear Covey Siberian Husky

Covey, a Siberian husky, had a tough start in life. He was a puppy in Houston, Texas, where his owners could no longer care for him. His reddish-brown coat, however, helped him stand out from the rest of their puppies. Kimzie Luong, the designer behind Kovey Swimwear, noticed his unique coat and came to the rescue.

Seven years later, the pair is inseparable. Their days are spent sunbathing at the beach in SoCal. Luong and Covey have personalities that mirror each other: "Young at heart, just like his mama,” Luong says. His youthful spirit, along with his playful personality, are what make Covey extra special. “Everyone still thinks he’s a pup.” 


Amaiò Swim's Samantha Khoury-Berger and her tuxedo cat, Lani

Samantha Khoury-Berger Tuxedo Cat Lani

Five years ago, Samantha Khoury-Berger walked into a shelter, hoping to find a gift for her husband’s birthday. When Khoury-Berger laid her eyes on Lani, a five-week-old tuxedo kitten, she knew she had found the perfect gift. Since being rescued, Lani spends her time repaying her owners in kisses and cuddles. “She sleeps next to my pillow and will come and lick our faces to wake us up in the morning,” Khoury-Berger says.

Since adopting Lani, Khoury-Berger has noticed her exceptional intelligence. “She always knows when we’re about to travel for work, and she knows instantaneously who is at the door before they even ring the doorbell.” 


Beach Riot's Nicole Hanriot and her chiweenie, London

Nicole Hanriot Chiweenie London

Nicole Hanriot of Beach Riot always dreamed of having a purse puppy. “I was working at Primp and a shelter came by,” Hanriot says. Here enters London, a 12-pound chihuahua-daschund mix. “They asked me to take him home.” Hanriot agreed, taking London to her SoCal home for the night. That day, she fell in love with the dog, knowing his size was no deal-breaker. She rushed to the shelter the next day to officially adopt him. Since coming home with Hanriot, London has become quite the cuddle bug. “Every night when we go to sleep, he waits for me to lift the sheets up so he can snuggle up behind my legs and cuddles all night long,” she says.