Social media stars make a living seeking out the best of everything — whether it's brunch, their OOTDs, or palm-fringed destinations. Most adorable of all, though, are their pets. For all the traveling and modeling they do, the furry ones deserve as much fame as their impeccably outfitted owners.

Below, some extremely cute pets — introduced by their Instafamous parents.


Ivy Miller and her golden retriever, Moby

Ivy Miller Moby


Ivy Miller Moby

HOW THEY MET: We got him from a breeder. He came over to me and popped himself in my lap. I was like, "Yes — I want this one!"

FIRST DAYS TOGETHER: When we first brought Moby home, he was the size of a football. It was just a lot of stumbling over his feet and being goofy and getting used to his little paws.

MOST UNIQUE QUALITY: Moby loves diving. If I throw a rock into a lake, he'll go down and dive for it. He'll open his eyes underwater until he sees the rock, and then he'll bring it back to me. Pretty impressive, I'd say!

ALL-TIME FAVORITE MEMORY: I went hiking in Lake Tahoe with Moby, and there's a stick that was the size of him — he's about 80 pounds. I threw it just to see if he would go get it. Surprisingly enough, he figured out how to reel it in, even though the stick was probably about 50 pounds. It was very intriguing to watch!


The Blonde Abroad's Kiersten Rich and her Pomeranian, Kiwi

Kiersten Rich Kiwi


Kiersten Rich Kiwi

HOW THEY MET: She's a rescue! I adopted her from a pet shelter in California.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Cuddling. Obviously!

FAVORITE PLACE FOR A WALK: Kiwi doesn't quite live the jetsetting lifestyle that I do. She's a pretty big homebody and more of a cat than a dog when it comes to going on walks. She loves a daily walk in my neighborhood park, but that's about it!

MOST UNIQUE QUALITY: She dances! When she's incredibly excited, she gets up on her hind legs and jump around like a ballerina. But she doesn't just do it a couple times — she can actually cross rooms. I've timed her and she will sometimes do it for five minutes straight. It's adorable!

ALL-TIME FAVORITE MEMORY: She's been with me since college, so we've been through so much together! I don't have a particular favorite memory, but neither of us are morning people. So we always wake up, look at each other in bed, move a little, then take another 15 minutes of snooze before actually waking up.


Savannah Kreisman and her mixed-breed dog, Ladybug

Savannah Kreisman Ladybug


Savannah Kreisman Ladybug

HOW THEY MET: A friend found her on the streets and couldn't keep her in her apartment, so I took her in. I don't know what her parents' breeds are, but from what the vet said she looks Jack Russell terrier, Maltese, and Yorkie.

FIRST DAYS TOGETHER: When I first got Ladybug, it was very exciting — it was like having a new little baby around. Aside from the chewing of everything at first, I really enjoyed spending those first few days with her and the bond we created.

FAVORITE TOY: Ladybug loves her Dragon Ball Z stuffed toy. it's just the one that she always picks out of her toy basket. We even take it everywhere we travel.

FAVORITE GAME: I love playing fetch with Ladybug at the beach. It always cracks me up how fast she is and she is not scared to get the ball if it's in the water!

ALL-TIME FAVORITE MEMORY: Taking Ladybug to the snow for Christmas is the best memory! She rolled in the snow all day — she loved it.

MOST UNIQUE QUALITY: Ladybug gets to go everywhere with me. Since she's pretty small, most places don't mind that I have her. She's been the mall, to nail salons, she even comes out to brunch with me every single weekend.