Q: Things are off with my guy, so I've been keeping an eye on his interactions with his pseudo-hot ex on Facebook (and Twitter and Instagram ... OK, every form of social media). It's ruining this relationship and I can't stop!

A: Just how do you keep the social in social media without appearing like a stalker? It’s pretty hard to do these days. First of all, if you’re not friends with your beau on Facebook or following him on Twitter, it doesn’t mean you’re not spending hours staring at his profile and obsessing about his every move that he makes when he’s not with you.

Guys don’t want to be with needy girls, and questioning him about every check in won’t make you look like a caring and concerned girlfriend. You’ll come across as the crazy girl who has to know everything he does and doesn’t trust him. Add in the fact that you’re now accusing him of being with another woman when his Instagram photo was innocently taken with his kissing cousin, and it’s enough to drive every guy away in a digital heartbeat. 

If you’re already friends on Facebook and have liked and commented on all of his posts to show the world you’re his, I’ve got news for you. He’s probably going to feel smothered.

What’s a girl to do? Before you change your relationship status to “It’s Complicated,” take a social media break and unplug for a few days. Apologize if you’ve made an incorrect assumption and start spending time being the busy amazing confident woman that you are. That will keep you together more than social media ever could.

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