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Photographer and photo editing goddess Kelly Maker is proof that Instagram is the virtual art gallery of our time. Her glittering images, which are crafted from existing photographs she alters to create other-worldly tableaus, are decadent and feminine and completely unlike anything we've ever seen. We were thrilled to hook up with her for our Bikini questionnaire — the art references alone are a wealth of inspiration. 

How would you describe your Insta feed in three words? Sun, glitter, and swim.

Most beautiful face I've ever seen: My gorgeous mother's.

Best room with a view: The glass/sun room at the back of my house that overlooks the town where I live. 

Instagram account everyone should follow: @blairz and @gabriella_bowden — I’m a sucker for painters.

Most visually amazing movie: Sedmikrásky (Daisies) — watch it with subtitles, then watch it without.


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Person I most want to photograph: Currently, Phoebe Tonkin and Marion Cotillard.

Work of art or (photograph) I can't stop thinking about: Sculpture 8 ‘Maria El Diamante’ by Filip Custic. NSFW but absolutely visually stunning.

Favorite camera to shoot with: My Minolta Dynax for 35mm shots. My Canon 7D for digitals. Depends on the day.

Biggest inspiration: I really cannot pinpoint any one thing that inspires me the most. It’s a mash-up of everything I love and surround myself with, books, films, people etc. 

Where I haven't been that I most want to go: Paris, but I will be there in October!

Best piece of photography advice I ever got: Take your time, there’s no rush. 

What makes someone beautiful? Their attitude/personality. 

What's more interesting to you (and why) - a natural look or a strongly made-up // crafted look? There are merits to both. It heavily depends on the person and the situation, but everything we do is art and everything is a conscious decision. 

To filter or not? NOT! Nothing is worse than adding a filter to something that does not need it. Like a piece of art.

Favorite time of day to shoot: Early morning to midday.

A location that I'm dying to shoot at/in: I found a really old chateau in the French countryside that is dilapidated and, from the photographs, magical. To shoot there would be a dream. 

First memory of snapping a photograph: I could say when I was young and I took a little disposable with me everywhere but I only remember that from the photos I have as evidence. Instead I’ll say picking up a proper 35mm camera at school and shooting the cathedral that was nearby. This is the first consciously "artistic" image I took. 

Music that inspires me: Anything written with a lot of soul in it. I can never define a genre I like most because some days I will be inspired by blues, another by classic suburban Aussie backyard bands singing about the bar they went to in Brunswick or the girl they met in Collingwood. Stuff I can feel. This is why I hate generic pop. It’s too impersonal.

Photographers I most admire and why: Petra Collins, Harley Weir, Margaret Zhang, the random photographer I found on Instagram last night. There’s so many photographers I admire. The ones I do admire all have a sense of personality in their images. I can’t explain it and I don’t think it’s something easily accomplished, I don’t even have it. 

I'm never without my: Notebook. You never know when inspiration will strike.

My #summergoals are: It’s winter time here in Australia and when it is summer I’ll be on the other side of the world… in winter again. My summer goals are on standby until I make it to Barcelona!