What better day than February 14th to treat yourself to self-love and compassion? We know the pressure for a romantic holiday with a lover is real — but we're all about the self-love, with or without chocolate-covered strawberries. That's precisely why we reached out to Janne Robinson — to celebrate Valentine's Day a different way. Her amazing 11 self-care tips are worth a look at today (and every day) for some much-needed me-time.



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1. Get eight hours of sleep.

You could probably train your body to run off six hours sleep and inject one of the five hundred Red Bull alternatives of caffeine into your body, or you could give yourself the restoration it needs to function lovingly in this world. It starts with sleep. This isn’t rocket science — it’s common sense. Go to bed. Get the zzzs.

2. Turn off your screens two hours before bed.

We are so constantly stimulated in this world today. It is hard for us to relax when notifications are giving off endorphins to our brains and thousands of things to devour on thousands of newsfeeds. We are so tuned in. I heard recently we spent 25 percent of our day on our phones. That’s a quarter of our lives. Sweet jesus f***. Our world is wildly addicted to our screens — they are by the gas pumps, in the back of taxis, in the backs of minivans, in our hands, on our walls, in our bedrooms, in our children's hands.

Other than us chronically forgetting to unplug and be tuned in and connected to those around us — this also influences our sleep. It’s too much stimulus before bed. A great self-care habit to have, especially for those with difficulty unwinding and sleeping or insomnia, is to turn off all screens, and I mean all — read a book, f*** your Kindle two hours before bed. What will you do? I don’t know — take a bath, read a book, look at the stars, have a fire, have a conversation with your lover, do some stretching, drink a tea. You’ll figure it out and sleep deeper.


3. Drink water  lots of it.

We are water. You’ve heard from everyone around you for as long as you can remember that you need to drink more water. It flushes the toxins and moves everything in your body that needs moving. It helps your brain be more clear — drink agua. This is non-negotiable.

If you need to, set alarms on your phone every few hours to remind you to drink water. And if possible, avoid drinking water 30 minutes before and after you eat — water f**** up your digestive enzymes and gets in the way of things your body needs to do when you are eating or too close before or after.


4. Meal plan.

I have a degree in what one could call busy syndrome. There is so much to get done, my "messy drawer" where I fall apart sometimes will often become eating — creating time to eat, creating time to cook, creating time to grocery shop. I used to use meal delivery options where I would order a week of food in advance, and it would get dropped off on my doorstep every day. 

Then I used Doordash and Uber Eats, and now I have begun meal planning and spending a few nights of the week cooking and getting my fridge full of ready-to-go nutritious meals full of root vegetables, fresh fruit, fish and proteins. However you do it, make sure you are getting fed the food your body needs — this is a direct result of our energy and how we operate in our days. Make the time, or pay the money to have the support so you are eating right. This is key.



5. Vitamin sea

My ultimate self-care is being in bodies of water — preferably this is the ocean, and for me, that looks like surfing. 

We heal our brains with our bodies. We need to move our limbs to release all the energy, experiences, and feelings stored in our body homes. Not only does physical activity release endorphins, but when you do it in the ocean, you get an extra dose of negative ions. Negative ions are tasteless and odorless, swirling around in the hundreds and thousands whenever water hit rocks — and when negative ions hit your bloodstream, they release serotonin — the feel-good chemical, creating less stress, anxiety, and leaving you fresh and sparkling for the day. Boom — get it. You will also get small doses of negative ions in your shower — which is partially why you feel so fresh and relaxed after.


6. Yoga

You know the feeling you get when your house is just cleaned? Where you could lick the floor? And you wanna roll around in your clean bathtub and let your body sink into your freshly cleaned sheets? Well, that is what yoga does for your body — it is an emotional cleaning to create an empty space for you to exist in and exhale and breathe. The only thing I regret about yoga is not going every single day. Because yoga was commercialized, you might need to go to a bunch of different studios and take some really bad classes where they play Lady Gaga and you basically do Pilates, but eventually you will find your class, your teacher, and your groove and then stick with it.



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7. Take weeks off, often.

Notice how I didn’t say days? Most of us spend 75 percent of our lives getting ready to rest. And by the time we get to rest, we have all sorts of diseases, our bodies are tired and we are too old to live. Maybe we get a heart attack before we even get a chance to enjoy our pensions and see the Great Barrier Reef. Take time off to wonder at stars, listen to owls, stare into the cracks of bonfires, and pee in the bushes. Emails and life can wait, and you will come back filled up able to give even more to your work and the ones you love.


8. Pursue growth constantly and do the work.

I am currently taking singing lessons and guitar lessons and working with a dietitian on figuring out what foods my body loves and doesn’t love. These are my current pieces of paper. I’ve also taken handfuls of self-growth courses, worked with three to four different coaches over the last decade, including a holistic intimacy and sex coach who helped me drop into my body and have more orgasms with my partners. My point is, learn — constantly, and be supported and grow and have mentors and hire experts and ask questions and expand constantly. Look at your elephants, have tea with them, and then kick them out the door.


9. Get bodywork once a week.

I don’t care what your medium is — acupuncture, cupping, massage, just go. Let somebody hold space for your body and remove tension, stress, and move emotions. Have space held for you, and have your body loved and if you can afford to — do it often, once a week. If not, whatever you can. Or create some more abundance directly for this. Massages and bodywork are not luxury treats — they are f***ing sanity.



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10. Take rest days.

You know that do not disturb moon button on your phone? If you don’t know, you’re welcome. Turn that on. Pack a cooler full of snacks. Go park it somewhere in the sunshine and read a book, drink a coffee, talk to the old guy walking his dog beside you, and kick back. Our entire world has a yin deficiency. We are the yang mamas of this lifetime — overcompensating and hustling. "No pain, no gain" was a phrase some asshole wrote who worked too hard — don’t be that asshole. Be the asshole who takes guilt-free rest dates and doesn’t develop a disease in their 50s because they knew their limits and when to say no.


11. Set boundaries with emails.

Don’t reply to emails at midnight. Those motherfuckers can wait. Even if it’s Oprah, or your big break — it can wait until the morning, and it can wait until Monday.