One of Jaime Chan's Astral Projections snaps. 

An astral projection is described as an out-of-body experience that one achieves through deep meditaiton or lucid dreaming. Sounds trippy, doesn't it? L.A. photographer Jaime Chan's #astralprojectionbyjaimechan photo project caught our eye with its fetching bikini babes set against psychedelic projections. The effect is other-worldly — and made us want to get to the know the lensmen behind such an intriguing artistic experiment. Lucky for us, Chan sat down for the Bikini questionnaire and spilled his innermost thoughts on beauty, photography and dry lake beds. No, you're not dreaming ...

How would you describe your Insta feed in three words? Random, artistic, feminine.

Most beautiful face I've ever seen: This is a tough question for me! I’ve actually come across a lot of remarkable faces, but to name a few people I’ve never met? I would have to say (in alphabetical order): Arielle Panta, Leore Hayon, Raven Lyn and Tash Galgut.

Best room with a view: I had the privilege of staying in a high-rise in Oahu, Hawaii and was surrounded by the bluest waters I’ve ever seen in my life. I know that the other islands of Hawaii have even more gorgeous waters, so I’m excited to visit in the near future.

 Instagram account everyone should follow: National Geographic’s page makes me want to get out and explore the world. I hope it gives others the same feeling.

 Most visually amazing movie: I really enjoyed Inception. The many ways that the different levels of dreaming were interpreted visually were fun to explore while watching the movie.

 Work of art or (photograph) I can't stop thinking about: I honestly don’t have anything in particular, BUT I absolutely LOVE minimal work. I love the obscurity of minimal photographs because sometimes they can be extremely wide shots, or they can be very detailed macro shots, but if done right, you couldn’t even tell sometimes. Obscurity and spontaneity really inspires my work.



Favorite camera to shoot with: I borrowed my friend’s Sony Alpha A7s. I really loved how I was able to photograph very usable images in even the most challenging and obscure sources of light. The amount of grain in the images when shooting in low light reminds me of film and my style of work is inspired by the rendition of what our human eyes can see. Honorable thing to mention? I love shooting with a 35mm lens of any kind. Such a versatile focal length and amazing for both landscapes and portraits. If I could, I would always have a Sony A7s + 35mm lens of some kind on me 24/7.

Biggest inspiration: My late brother. Even after his passing, he continues to uplift me and push. His impact in my life was so great that when he left, I overcame the loss because I know how blessed I was to have been chosen to be his youngest brother. The remainder of my life is dedicated to him, so I have vowed to spend it doing the best I can possible with my endeavors in honor of him.

 Where I haven't been that I most want to go: OH GOD. Hard to name one again. I really want to go to Australia + New Zealand because I can get the best of both worlds, beautiful places and beautiful faces. I need to do my research, but I really want to photograph the auroras and I believe in Tasmania, you can view the Aurora Australis all year long. Everywhere I go, I take pictures that I can use for my Astral Projection project.

 Best piece of photography advice I ever got:  Every picture, no matter what is being photographed, is actually a moment.


What makes someone beautiful? Ultimately, it’s the way they carry themselves. If spoken romantically, looks (body + face) tend to determine whether or not we are drawn to a person to take a deeper look into the rest of what encompasses who they are. There are some physically attractive people who we do not connect with and there are some people who don’t look like our dream person, but we can find ourselves spending every day with. At the end of the day, it’s mind & soul that shows a person’s beauty that never fades.

 What's more interesting to you- a natural look or a strongly made-up / crafted look? EASY question. Natural, hands down. I feel like people can really look the same with strong makeup and crafted looks. While I do appreciate the artistry of makeup, I feel like it’s a sequel to a movie that you need to watch first to really appreciate it. Everyone can wear the same products or undergo the same procedures, but I’m in love with the veracity of a natural face. Not everyone will have the same scars, freckles, moles, birthmarks, and ‘flaws’ that any given individual has and I love it. Ironically, Polaroids & digitals are usually my favorite part of viewing a model’s portfolio. This is the closest I get to see the visual individuality of people and I absolutely appreciate it.

To filter or not? No filter. Put it as it is or edit it before hand, by hand. This will turn your photo into your own artwork.

Favorite time of day to shoot? Around sunset. I love the angle the sun works with to light everything and how colors really come out. I would say sunrise too, but I’m not much of an early bird — but I’m definitely a night owl, so the party is definitely only getting started.

A location that I'm dying to shoot at/in: I’m currently craving either sand dunes or dry lake beds.This would scratch that itch I have for shooting minimal photographs with beautiful landscapes.


Music that inspires me: My work is actually inspired by music. I love music that either brings back memories using retro vibes, makes me want to groove, or that vividly tell stories with well written lyrics. A few artists I’ve listened a lot recently: 2Pac, Bob Marley, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, James Brown, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Michael Jackson, Notorious BIG, One Republic, The Weeknd.

Photographers I most admire and why: I admire some of the most iconic photographers like Mert Alas, Mario Testino, and Mario Sorrenti. I love the way they capture feminine beauty. Growing up closer to my mother and my sister as opposed to my father and my brothers (with the exception of my late brother), I have developed a profound level of appreciation for the women in my life and find that my artistry in photography is a way to pay tribute to the figure in my life who have guided me in my morals and sense of chivalry.

I'm never without my: Music. It’s in my phone, but I’m not always on my phone. I want to live every moment possible enjoying art and music is the most convenient form of art to enjoy while being able to do other things. Upon hearing lyrics, I find inspiration for visuals, so each song is almost moodboard that I can listen to in order to piece visuals together.