Coco Ho learned to surf at age 7, on a mission to impress her older brother Mason. Since then, she's racked up some serious victories of her own — and now, currently ranked #5 worldwide, Coco Ho has no plans of getting out of the water anytime soon. Read on for her beach-day beauty routine, favorite workout, and a peek into why surfing is such a powerful practice for her. 


Coco Ho

1: How did you start surfing?

I grew up surfing simply because of where I grew up. The first thing to do after school on the North Shore of Oahu is go to the beach. I eventually started playing on a boogie board, then asking my brother to push me into waves on his board.


2: Where is your favorite surf spot?

Anywhere on the 7 Mile Miracle on the North Shore of Oahu where I grew up.


3: Do you have a favorite bikini to surf in?

I've been loving high neck crop tops lately! They keep everything in.


4: What's something you'd like your fans to know about you?

It's so cliché to say, but I really do enjoy the little things — coffee in the morning, laughing until crying with friends, dancing, beach days where you're so in the moment you lose track of time. I'm actually really just simple and appreciative of where I come from and this lifestyle I was raised to be a part of.


5: What does surfing mean to you?

Surfing is my lifestyle. It brings me peace, grace, happiness, and friends. It's probably the root of my personality — it's why I am as bubbly, chipper, and happy-go-lucky as everyone says.


Coco Ho


6: How has your dad — former pro surfer Michael Ho — influenced you? In surfing and otherwise.

In every way! In surfing, he's taught us the way every parent should — first and foremost, about the ocean and how to read the line up wherever we are in the world, which makes us comfortable and successful on the road, with or without him. In life, he's influenced me to rise above the losses — they don't remember you from that. And without saying so, he's inspired me to be forever young!


7: How did your parents meet?

In the water! My mom moved to Hawaii from Louisiana when she was five years old. She and her sister fell in love with surfing in their teens. She met my dad when she was 15 out at Ala Moana Bowls.


8: What advice would you give to young girls who want to surf?

Patience and ocean knowledge. Focus on those two things and everything else follows.


9: Besides surfing, what's your favorite way to stay fit?

I love making little circuits in my hotel rooms while on the road that focus on abs, legs, or arms. I also use the Core X System, which is nice, light, and easy to travel with.


Coco Ho


10: Who are your favorite surfer girls?

I have so many amazing friends in the sport. Some of my favorites and dearest friends are Malia Manuel, Laura Enever, Quincy Davis, Kelia Moniz, Steph Gilmore, Sage Erickson, and Carissa Moore. I can rely on the girls for anything and we all have a really different and unique bond.


11: What does a typical day for you look like?

My favorite days are at home when I'm on my pre-event routine. I have always loved waking up before the sun. I have my coffee, take one downstairs for my grandma, take Hurricane [my dog] for a walk. That's my wave check. If the waves aren't really perfect early, I like doing a little workout with my coffee buzz. Then stretch, then surf. And that's all generally before 10 a.m. For lunch, I try to stay out of the sun — I'll catch up with friends or my mama or pack or unpack my suitcase. Then surf again in the evening. Extremely simple, but extremely me!


12: What's your beauty routine for a day on the beach?

Lots of water and a really good face sunscreen! I mostly use Shiseido or Ella Bache, which is a bit thicker and more intense, but great for an all-day affair on the beach. Post beach day is where I really treat my skin, with a deep pore cleanse followed by a calming/hydrating face mask and a hair mask.


13: What do your daily workouts consist of?

It depends on if it's a day that I'm surfing a couple times, or a day off — days when there are no waves, I generally go harder in my workouts. I love light workouts as they feel like maintenance and just triggering and turning on all the muscles. I need a trainer to tell me when to do what if I want to workout for more than 30 minutes!


Coco Ho


14: How do you see the sport of surfing changing in the next five to 10 years?

Surfing has been growing and progressing at such a beautiful pace lately and I can only see that continuing. In the future, I see a lot more wave pools, but I can't put my finger on exactly what that will do for the sport (i.e. good or bad). So nervous!


15: What songs pump you up for a good surf?

Any Beyoncé! Or Rihanna! And I'm a little guilty for some girly feel-good pop. Whatever songs make you smile, I consider good enough to be a "pump up" song.


16: What was it like to be a part of the ESPN Body Issue?

It was the most out there I've ever put myself. But it was for something I firmly believe in and alongside all my heroes, so I was honored. Since I was 8 years old, I would always be asked in airports if I was a gymnast — I didn't know how to take it for so long. I hated having strong legs and people complimenting them. Then I grew to appreciate them and admire how beautiful strength is. So, being a part of the ESPN Body Issue was pretty surreal for me.


17: What is the most valuable advice your dad has given you about surfing?

All the knowledge about the ocean and using what I know and listening to my instinct.


Coco Ho


18: What is the most valuable advice your brother Mason has given you?

In heats, he told me to "get ugly, get aggressive — you don't always have to look so pretty and perfect on the wave." I didn't even know how to take that, but I always think about it when I need to push harder.


19: What do you hope to achieve in this world tour?

I want to win an event this year.


20: What's your personal motto?

Confidence, charisma, and character outshine any beauty!