With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, we've had mamas on our mind all week — our own, as well as some of our favorite mama friends. You know the ones who make it look so easy, who inspire you to have kids of your own (someday, maybe)? Elicia Starkman and Chelsea Salmon are mamas like that. A quick glance at their beautiful Insta lives proves these model moms truly relish time with their kids (even if they do sound like a herd of elephants sometimes). We chatted with Starkman and Salmon after our Mother's Day shoot to dish on all things motherhood. We can't wait to see how their Sundays turn out! 

BIKINI: Is there a phrase or motto that your mom instilled in you as a kid?

Elicia Starkman: Growing up my mother — who is quite possibly the most compassionate human on the planet — was always quick to remind my sister and me to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It was a phrase she heard often from her mother, and she passed that on to us.  
Chelsea Salmon: Work hard and be nice to people! My mom definitely instilled this in me throughout my upbringing. She made sure I was always on top of my homework, did chores throughout the house, and got a job as soon as I could. At the time I didn't understand why I had to be responsible for all of this, but I sure appreciate it now.

BIKINI: What is your earliest memory of your mom? 

ES: One of my favorite childhood memories of my mother is from a Mother's Day celebration at my daycare when I was five. My mother worked in a law office and had important meetings that day. She had prepped me a few days before the celebration that she'd be unable to attend — she was heartbroken about it. The day came and the kids were lining up to perform, and I insisted on sitting at the table closest to the door, alone with my handmade gift, to wait for her. I told everyone that I knew she was going to come for me (even though she had told me that she couldn't). My teachers told me to join in, that they would watch me and tell her how well I did. I told them that I wasn't moving, because my mom was coming. They left me alone and were beginning the performance just as I heard the sound of my mom's heels running outside. The door flew open, and there she was! I jumped up, ran to her and hugged her so tight. I just knew somehow that she would find a way to make it. I gave her my gift and hurried toward the stage to join my classmates. She almost lost her job, that day but she has never let me down.  

CS: My earliest memory with my mom would be when she let me hang out with her and her friends at home on "girls night." I remember us all sitting in a circle laughing and singing to Alanis Morrissett's first album. I was probably four years old and thought I was one of the big girls.

BIKINI: Now that you have babes yourself, do you ever hear yourself sounding just like your mother?

ES: I can't tell you how many times I tell my older kids, "Can you please keep it down — you sound like a herd of elephants!" Sometimes I can't help it — it's just a knee jerk reaction. I open my mouth, and my mom comes out.

CS: Yes, I definitely hear myself sounding just like my mom now that I have kids! I remember her stern voice when she would discipline me — I thought she was so mean and hard on me at the time. She would use my first and middle name when she was upset, "Chelsea Dawn!"  And now I do the same with my kids. 

BIKINI:  How do you think your kids would describe you?

ES: I think my kids would describe me as goofy, fun-loving and kind. My absolute favorite thing is a house full of laughter, and I go to great lengths to keep the giggles flowing.  

CS: I think my kids would describe me as super fun to play with and very affectionate, as I can never get enough hugs, kisses, and cuddles.

BIKINI: How would you describe your parenting style in three words?

ES: Loving, devoted and holistic.

CS: Engaging, loving, and disciplined.

Salmon and son Ryder. 

BIKINI: What are your plans for this upcoming Mother's Day?

ES: My husband is keeping his plans for me a secret. I think it might involve brunch and a messy art project of some sort. I'm certain I'll get lots of hugs and kisses from Gianna, and those are the moments I savor most.   

CS: My plans for this Mother's Day are to have a nice family brunch and then a beach day! The beach is not only me and my kids' favorite place to be, but it's also my mom's.