Stressed? 3 De-Dress Yoga Tips
Whether it’s a parking ticket or a major life dilemma, it’s no secret that the stresses of everyday life don't do the body good.  
We asked holistic health practitioner Jenn Tamera to dish three simple tips that would deliver instant results. Her expertise became clear after a recent yoga session on the beach with our ambassadors. Balance is essential to the whole-body practice. So if there was anyone to offer us tips of relieving stress, it was this yogi guru. 
Rather than a quick sit-down with, Jenn laid a beach blanket on the sand and gave it to us straight. Here are her three tips to finding balance.  

  1. Breathe

    It’s all about the simple awareness of your breath, Jenn tells "Take a deep inhale, take a deep exhale. Feel like you’re actually bringing breath into your body, because a lot of times when we’re under stress and almost in a state of panic, your breath is really shallow," she says.

  2. Soak Up Some Sun

    "Sunshine and nature really help you get more grounded and centered," Jenn says. Yes! Another reason to head to the beach!

  3. Be Social

    "Being in a community really brings me back into balance," Jenn says. "Make plans with girlfriends. Go out and do activities that you enjoy doing." 

Hey Bikini Girls, how do you relax? Add your tips in the comments section below!