Kelly LeVeque talks to about diet
By Korrie Martinez,

Trying to get fit for summer can be stressful and sometimes unsuccessful. As a full-time Floridian, it’s go-time all 365 days since I live in one of those rare places where bikini season is all year long.

Searching for some tips to stay in shape through winter, spring and fall, I’ve called upon the advice of beWELL founder Kelly LeVeque—health coach, yoga instructor and fitness expert.

Read below for her secrets on staying beach-ready yearlong and check back next week for part two where we dive head first into fitness. I live in Florida and you live in California—two places where bikini season is much longer than three months. What is your advice to ladies who also want to be beach-ready all year?

KL: I think everyone wants to be bikini ready all year long and the best way to do that is to make eating healthy and being active a lifestyle instead of a short-term goal. I discourage using fad diets that create the "yearly yo-yo" on your scale and encourage a blood sugar stabilizing, anti-inflammatory lifestyle. As women, we often feel pressure to better ourselves—whether to wear a bikini on an upcoming vacation or to look great for a big event. What is your advice to clients with urgency to get fit?

KL: If you learn to love your body and treat it with the respect it deserves you won’t wreak the havoc of crash dieting. Rather than try a quick fix, embrace where you are, wear something flattering and get active the day of. Simply starting a health regimen can help you feel more confident. If you had to recommend one healthy change everyone make to their diet right now, what would it be?

KL: The first change I make with my clients is to have them incorporate a protein smoothie for breakfast. Our smoothies contain polyunsaturated fats, healthy greens, fruit and a beWELL-approved protein powder. The reason we do this is so that they learn to stabilize their blood sugar with healthy fat and protein first thing in the morning. This small change keeps our clients full and satisfied until lunch, they make healthy choices, and they don’t overeat. It's proven that women who have protein for breakfast on average weigh seven pounds less than women who don't. What about when you want to eat well but a busy schedule is standing in the way?

KL: A healthy lifestyle requires prior planning. The goal is to not get stuck without a healthy option and keeping protein or a small piece of fruit in your purse. For my clients that travel, packing nuts, apples, avocados and protein powder in their luggage has become just as important as packing their makeup and toiletries. We all have our vices. Mine is a serious sweet tooth. What do you tell your clients after they make a not-so-healthy food choice?

KL: Vices are normal. People make unhealthy decisions. What separates the yo-yo dieters and women who maintain their weight is what happens after they make the unhealthy choice. The goal is to live a lifestyle where a little indulgence doesn’t spark a guilty binge. Instead, consciously decide to indulge in your dessert and commit to what healthy meal you will eat next.

Next week we’ll check back with Kelly about her recommendations for adding fitness to your health regime.

Kelly LeVeque, with more than a decade of experience as a holistic nutritionist, health coach, yoga instructor and fitness expert, founded beWELL to share her passion for clean and holistic living. For more information visit and follow Kelly on Instagram to grab more healthy tips.