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Did you overdo it last week at Thanksgiving? Boy, did we go a bit crazy at the dessert table. It's difficult, at this time of year when abundance and decadence abound, to exert restraint. We want all the pies, all the festive cocktails, all the succulent roasts. And we haven't even gotten to the cookie swaps yet. Yes — being healthy during the holidays is a challenge. Which is why we're making an effort to populate our social media streams with good influences — whether it's the trainer who never fails to inspire you with their targeted moves or the cook whose smart swaps always show you that yes, you can have your (gluten-free) cake and eat it, too — and stay on track with your health goals.

The Rawberry is an Insta feed we always find to be mouth-wateringly motiving. German food stylist Marie Dorfschmidt creates the most gorgeous treats for a living, often sharing them with her rapt audience. With a motto like 'eat real food,' you know she has the best intentions, though we're often cursing the late-night cravings a flip through her feed induces. A few weeks ago she posted this breathtaking parfait, which is a vegan riff on one of her childhood favorites. Creamy and sweet, with luscious seasonal flavors, it could easily edge out chocolate mousse at any holiday fete, replacing feelings of dessert guilt with holiday bliss. 

Chocolate Semolina Parfait

For the porridge:
250ml sugar-free, chocolate flavored plant-based milk 
50g semolina 
1/2 tsp vanilla powder 
A pinch of anise 
Decoration: 2 persimmons, 1 banana cut and peeled. 
For the date paste
80g dates 
50g hot water 
30g cashew butter 
35g tahini 
20g maple syrup 
Put all the ingredients for the porridge into a small saucepan and cook while stirring. Meanwhile, put all the ingredients for the date paste into your blender and blend well. Arrange in a parfait glass with the chopped fruits at the base, follow with a dollop of date paste and top with semolina porridge. Garnish with more persimmon, mint sprig (optional) and chopped banana.