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What motivates you to get your butt to the gym? For us, it's the sense of well-being that we get from a good, hard sweat and the benefit of keeping our body in bikini-ready shape. One body part we spend a lot of time on is our thighs and glutes — these large muscle groups burn more calories during workouts and beyond than any other in the body, and they also govern a body woe we're coming to terms with: cellulite.

Toning up the thighs helps smooth out the dimply appearance below the skin — we know it's normal and everyone has it, but that doesn't stop us from staying on the right side of lumpy if we can help it. The best way to see results? By combining cardio and strength training. NYC trainer and jump rope expert Amanda Kloots says that combining the two is a surefire way to keep cellulite at bay. "Cardio helps to break up and burn fat and toning helps to strengthen the muscle. I believe you have to attack cellulite in both ways to see results," says Kloots. She generously offered to share her slam-dunk thigh moves with us (and even snapped some selfies to make sure we'd nail the moves). See the images and move descriptions below and get moving! 


Amanda Kloots

Fold your jump rope in half and place it vertically on the floor beneath you – start with your feet hip-width apart, one foot on each side of the jump rope. Do eight squats — lifting right leg out to a straight kick in front of you at the top of each squat.

After you've completed eight squats, bring both feet together to the left side of your jump rope and do 32 jumps — keeping your feet together and jumping over the rope from side to side.

Amanda Kloots

After your last jump, repeat the same sequence, this time raising your left leg up at the top of each squat and then repeating the jump sequence. Repeat each squat and jump sequence a second time for a total of four rounds.