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Those last two trail miles. The tail end of the party. The finish line of an all-nighter. We've all been in places where a boost of energy was needed, right? For the most part, an espresso or Red Bull is our buzz of choice, but there are other ways to keep things going that aren't so aggressively caffeinated. For athletic pursuits especially, Pep Pods have become our go-to energy source. The tablets are loaded with nourishing vitamins, minerals and electrolytes—as well as green tea and ginseng—which make them a smart solution for exercise hydration that adds a bit of, well, pep to your step. 

You know how you never go anywhere without a refillable water bottle? Dropping a Pep Pod into your bottle instantly adds yummy flavor (the pods come in berry or citrus) and a host of nutrients to your H20. Sipping a drink that's boosted with a bit of extra power is a fail-safe way to maximize your workout without flagging before it's over. 

We've added Pep Pods to The Wanderlust, our destination-themed subscription box, because we know once you try them, you'll be hooked, too. The Wanderlust ships the best in style, fitness, wellness, beauty and travel gear directly to your door. The latest edition heads to Tulum and launches soon! Are you subscribed?