peachdish salad

For those among us who just can't get it together to cook, Seamless is a godsend. You're hungry, you place your order, someone drops food at your door with zero fanfare. But admit it: you never feel great after ordering takeout, do you? PeachDish, an Atlanta-based food delivery service that ships delicious, nutritious, menu-based ingredients (fully portioned out and nearly cook-top ready) to your door, is our new 'what's for dinner?' solution.

With a brand-new fleet of health-conscious, superfood-focused dishes in their rotation, PeachDish bridges the gap between "I want to cook healthier but don't have the time" and "I'm so bored with my takeout options I could cry".  Can't handle complicated shopping lists or long recipes? Fret not. Simple recipe cards,  fresh ingredients, and easy-to-follow instructions make preparing their new Superfood Salad, loaded with greens, edamame, pepitas, almonds and more, nearly as easy as hitting up the salad line at Sweetgreen, except you can do it all in your pajamas if you are so inclined. You're cooking, yes, but with very little effort and results that are light years beyond anything that arrives in a soggy cardboard container. 

Responsible sourcing, most of it from local producers and farmers, makes PeachDish shine especially bright (do you have any idea where the chicken from those enchiladas you ordered last night came from?). Their list of partners ranges from Anson Mills in South Carolina to Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery, whose yogurt goes from cow to carton in 24 hours, ensuring that every morsel on your plate has a pedigree you can trust. 

When our box arrived, each meal prettily packaged in its own pouch, a quick scan of the recipe cards showed that there was virtually zero prep work except for some veggie chopping and salad dressing mixing, in a provided screw-top canister. What's exciting about this concept is that it appeals to cooks of all levels: if you're a total newbie, follow the recipe to the letter and your meal will be delicious. If you have a bit more confidence in your culinary skills, you can take some liberties to customize the meals as you see fit (our pomegranate salad dressing needed a bit more zing, so we squeezed in some lemon, and we drizzled our sautéed chicken with cauliflower, arugula and dates with some leftover yogurt sauce that was in the fridge. The building blocks of the meals are solid, and whether you choose to enjoy them as-is or ad lib a bit, the dishes that result are healthy and delicious. Two home-cooked meals a week that we don't have to think about? Sign us up.