The next gen pro surf tour is brimming with insane female talent—but the 2017 circuit has an undisputed rookie of the year, and her name is Bronte Macauley. The 22-year-old is the daughter of a pro surfer, so the rise and fall of the tide is a pull she's felt since childhood.

Last year, she made her debut on the pro circuit as an injury wildcard, so the intensity of the heats isn't exactly new—though this year the stakes are a lot higher. The Western Australia native is laser-focused and not thrilled about the seven months she'll be out on the road, as it means she'll be away from her tightly knit clan, but is stoked for what's on the horizon. We chatted with the rising star about her tour friends, tunes, and what getting up on a wave is really like.  

BIKINI: What is your first surf memory?
BRONTE MACAULEY: Getting pushed onto waves on a tandem board when I was little, with my older sisters. 

BIKINI: Do you have besties on the tour?
BRONTE MACAULEY: My close friends on tour are Keely Andrews and Ella Williams.


BIKINI: Can you describe what it feels like to get up on a gorgeous wave?
BRONTE MACAULEY: It happens quite quickly— the wave lifts you up as you paddle for it and you jump to your feet.

BIKINI: In your off-hours, what are you listening to/reading/watching?
BRONTE MACAULEY: I love reading all the Harry Potter books, watching whatever is on Netflix and listening to podcasts and artists like Alt-J, Sticky Fingers and Sarah Blasko

BIKINI: How do you gear up for a heat?
BRONTE MACAULEY: Watch the conditions, stretch and listen to music. 

BIKINI: Tell us about what you surf in — do you have a fave swimwear line? 
BRONTE MACAULEY: My favourite swimwear is Roxy, and I usually surf in a steamer in Margaret River all year around.