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A whirlwind life on the pro surf tour seems glamorous—but as many of our fave Bikini gals have shared, it can leave a lot to be desired. We're guessing that it's especially tough if you're as dedicated to eating healthy, delicious food as Codie Klein is. She can rip it in Byron Bay, but where this Gold Coast wave queen really shines is in the kitchen — she can whip up a mean chia pudding for breakfast, knows her way around a Vitamix to create amazing smoothie concoctions, and loves to have her buds over for dinner when she's home. We quizzed her about eating clean and sticking to her virtuous habits while chasing the waves. Read on below. 

BIKINI: Planning to eat healthy on the road is no easy task — how do you keep everything on track?
It is definitely a little bit trickier than being in the comfort of your own home, but the increase in demand for healthy options is making it a lot easier. In terms of travel, I always pack my food for the plane, as flying takes a toll on my body as it is — the last thing I need is processed, salty and day-old food in my system. Before I go to a new place, I normally do a bit of research on health food shops, options for eating out and hunt down the best organic coffee. I always have my alkalizing greens with me to ensure I'm getting enough vegetables.

BIKINI: What's your go-to, game-day breakfast?
CK: Breakfast is without a doubt my favorite meal of the day, but I am a big phase person. I'll eat something everyday for a month and then never want to see it again. At the moment, I'm loving a tropical bowl of red papaya with lime and topped with whatever little super foods I have laying around: shaved coconut, goji berries, cacao nibs, mixed seeds and a drizzle of tahini. Or, if I’m feeling indulgent, a jam-packed chocolate green smoothie with a frozen banana, half of zucchini, cacao powder, carob powder, maca, ice and homemade nut milk.



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Klein in action.

BIKINI: Have you converted any friends on the tour to your healthful foodie habits?
CK: Maybe a few. I think I can easily convert them when I am cooking — they will always try and enjoy the healthy things I make — but converting them to choosing a salad off a burger menu ... well, that is a task I have yet to conquer.

BIKINI: What are your top five must-haves when on the road?
CK: Morlife alkalizing greens, magnesium supplements, turmeric powder or the Morlife turmeric latte mix just so I can reap the anti-inflammatory properties, a glass or aluminium BPA-free water bottle, and a foam roller.