Why is it so hard to get out of bed to hit the gym in the winter?! When we need an extra kick in the you-know-what to get up and running, we scroll through Mona Jane Hannemann's (aka Rocamoon) Instagram. The inspiring landscapes and hard-hitting moves she's constantly sharing are major motivators, which is why we're especially stoked about the custom workout she's put together just for Bikini.com. Says Hannemann, "this workout engages all your major muscle groups and shoots your heart rate through the roof and boosting  that metabolism. Which is what we are all wanting during the the hectic (and indulgent) holiday season right!?". Right! 

This mama does not mess around—just one circuit of her full-body workout gets our hearts pumping, and when we really revv up and follow her rx of three full rounds we're flat-out huffing, puffing, and feeling awesome. Hannemann takes us through the workout in the video below, and has also provided us with a walk-through and modifications below. Let's hit it! 

Do one minute of each exercise

3 ROUNDS with 1 min rest between rounds (do as many rounds as you can if you want!)

Full Push-Up Burpees

Lateral lunge Jump Squat

Mountain climber w/ pushup

Jump Lunges


Plank w/ alternating leg lifts (first 30 sec hold plank, last 30sec leg lefts)

For modifications:

- feel free to do push-ups on the knees for the burpees and mountain climbers or skip the push-up entirely.

- jump lunges can be done without the jump just a simple lunge forward alternating legs.

- commandos and plank feel free to drop to knees.