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We know we're not the only ones out there who have gone a little crystal crazy. We're rolling rose quartz on our faces, sleeping with selenite under our beds, and making plans to charge them up monthly under the full moon. Just when we thought we'd exhausted the uses of these earthly beauties, we discovered Glacce, a gorgeous range of water bottles with crystals encased inside. The bottles don't just look gorgeous — they infuse your water with the properties the crystals exude, creating an elixir that's supposed to heighten the vibe of your outlook and your health.

Glacce founders Sharon Leslie and Julie Schoen grew up together in New Orleans and started the company after experimenting with crystal elixirs in their personal lives and realizing their healing potential. Naturally, we wanted the full story, so we chatted with Leslie about her crystal creations. 


BIKINI: We know crystals are uber-popular right now, but it seems you guys have been interested in their power since before they were trending. Can you tell us about your crystal stories?

SHARON LESLIE: Crystals have long been a part of my life. My father is a geologist and other family members are geology enthusiasts, so crystals and gemstones have always been present. My partner Julia and I were first introduced to crystal elixirs by her father, who is a sculptor and an alternative healing practices enthusiast. I really dove into crystal elixirs when I read a recommendation which suggested adding amethyst to my dog's water bowl to help calm him down when he was hyper. I began researching and making my own elixirs to experiment and see what benefits would come from them. I found the power of beautiful design gives way to healing in the sense that beautiful things actually propel us deeper into the present moment. Recognition of something beautiful is inherently healthy because being present is, by nature, healthy. In my experience using crystal elixirs, particularly Glacce bottles, I have realized that beauty has the power to heal.


BIKINI: For the skeptics out there: Do crystals work?

SL: For skeptics, I encourage them to try a Glacce bottle for themselves. Each experience is personal and specific. I have found the simple beauty of our bottles serve as a talisman. For instance, I’ve been drawn to the Snowflake Obsidian Glacce bottles recently because I have been actively making positive changes in my life. It is a tool of strength. This symbolism and the little work of art that is the crystal is a constant reminder of these positive patterns I strive to replace with unwanted habits.

Several things I say to skeptics: You don’t have to believe in crystal energy to benefit from using our products. It's also important to remember that the purpose of a water bottle is to keep you hydrated. Drinking water is good for you. Additionally, by using reusable water bottles you are helping the planet by reducing waste.


BIKINI: How did the idea of Glacce come to the two of you?

SL:  Glacce was originally an idea which came to me in a dream. I had long used crystal elixirs and would always put quartz in a mason jar filled with water. While effective, the crystals would clink around and it was hard to have on the go. One day I took a nap and the design came to me while I slept. I told Julia, who I had long wanted to partner with, and Glacce started to form.


BIKINI: Infusing water with crystal power is pretty high-vibe. Are there specific uses for different crystals? Do you each have favorites?

SL: Each crystal serves a unique purpose. The meanings we’ve placed on each one stems from our own personal experiences and research into other people’s expertise in this realm. We associate clear quartz with focus, energy, and clarity. When in doubt, choose clear quartz. This is my go-to at work.

Rose quartz is associated with love, forgiveness, presence, and communication. Specifically, relative to one’s self, it's a reminder to love yourself truly, to forgive yourself and others deeply, and to be present for clear and open interactions.

Amethyst is associated with calmness, strengthening intuition, and sobriety. This stone truly is magic. It’s there to guide us toward graceful composure. It reminds us of the intuition that exists within us and how we can decide to listen and trust that inner light.

We associate smoky quartz with grounding, protection, and ambition. This stone is a great equalizer. It reminds us to stay grounded in times when we feel our head is in the clouds. It reminds us to be protective of ourselves. It reminds us that anxiety may exist, but there’s no problem that can’t be solved.

We associate black obsidian with truth and a concept made infamous by Deepak Chopra which is "pure potentiality." This stone symbolizes infinite possibilities, the importance of truth, and a reminder to be honest with ourselves. 

Snowflake obsidian represents positive patterns. This special bottle is a seasonal bottle we sell during the holidays. It’s a tool that can help during stressful times in reminding us that we have more power than we have been lead to believe to make positive changes in our lives.


BIKINI: The bottles are pretty gorgeous. How are they made and how are the crystals chosen?

SL: Thank you! Beauty and design are crucial in everything we do at Glacce. The materials we use are glass, stainless steel, and quartz. Each crystal was chosen for its properties, colors, and because quartz is safe to drink with water. Not every crystal and gemstone is safe, so we wanted to choose the safest and use the crystals we have the most knowledge — quartz.

Up until very recently, all bottles were hand assembled in Colorado where I was living. Glacce started off with just me, and as we grew, it became a small team operating out of my house and one of my friend's garages. The business has grown significantly, so I flew to China to meet with potential vendors in person and check out each facility to know exactly how our bottles would be made and in what environment. There were a lot of moving parts and we were able to find and approve of a single facility there where our bottles would be made more efficiently at the high standards we aim to meet. Our crystals are also handpicked and cut by hand.

BIKINI: Finally — let's say someone is just not feeling like their crystals are helping them out. How do you know when you have the right one in play?

SL: If someone isn’t feeling like their crystals are helping them out, I would suggest looking inward. Crystals are little gifts from the earth, put here to add more beauty to our lives. They are here to remind us of where we come from, and of what we should protect: the Earth, our health (both mental and physical), and nature itself. Crystals are reminders of how the natural world is the magic we seek. It’s important to recognize that ultimately, the real power resides in you.