Ashley Tyrner


You don't need to have grown up on a farm to know that fresh, local produce is the healthiest way to keep your body "clean." Farmbox Direct founder Ashley Tyrner did grow up working the land on her grandfather's farm in the Midwest, so this New York City-based entrepreneur knows the glory of freshly picked fruit at breakfast, and crisp, green veggies to snack on during the day. When Tyrner became a mother, her desire to feed her daughter the freshest foods available ignited a business idea: Why couldn't you order delicious, fresh, fruits and veggies with the same ease as Seamless? She knew that once the healthy foods were in the fridge, the rest was easy—but that for most busy people, the shopping was the hardest part. 

Farmbox Direct, a delivery service that ships carefully sourced local, natural, and organic products straight to your door. Five years in, the service now operates two warehouses and ships nationwide, providing three sizes of produce boxes that offer a unique substitution setup, which most CSA shares do not. There's also a juice-ready box that sends ready-to-whizz veggies and fruits for juicing, too. 

Clean eating is obviously a really wise way to stay healthy, but it's not always so easy. We asked Tyrner to share her top 5 clean-eating tips with us, and she shared what keeps her going day in an out in terms of snacking, wellness, and more. 

1. Cold-press juicing in the morning: I do this to use as a substitute for snacking throughout the day. Each week, I make the juice with different fruits and veggies. I make enough so that it lasts me all week and all through the day. I even make a tastier one for my daughter as well so that she can take a thermos to school to snack on. I make sure we are both eating healthy, even when it comes to snacking!

2. Exercise every day: I make sure to go to SoulCycle at least once a day, 6 days a week. I either before I get to the office, during the day or before going home. When I go to a class, I feel better about myself. Walking out of every class make me feel like I have accomplished something, and I am doing good by myself. Also, the work out deters me from any junk food I would ever be tempted to eat — which takes me back to snacking.

3. At least 2 servings of raw nuts, and fruits daily: This is a must! If I am snacking, it’s either on raw nuts or fruits. I do not go a day without either.

4. If it grows on a plant, eat it: Because why not? I eat every type of vegetable and fruit you can imagine. Being the founder of Farmbox Direct for now over five years, I've gotten to learn when the fruits and veggies are in season and when is best to eat them.

5. Detox water: I add fruits, and herbs to my water every day. If all you're drinking is water every day, it can get super boring. Add fruits and herbs to your water to give it a bit of flavor!