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Is it just us, or do the holidays and all of their ensuing festivities, family visits, and endless trips to the mall, make you feel (no matter the time of day) that you need a tall, stiff drink? If you're with us, listen up: we think, perhaps, that we've found both a). a coping mechanism for the stress, and b). a replacement for the fatigue-inducing curative booze. KIN Euphorics has just released High Rhode, a new type of elixir: an alcohol-free cocktail that blends adaptogens with nootropics and botanicals. If you're thinking, "What the F are nootropics?", let us explain. Much in the way that adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha work to help the body manage stress, nootropics are compounds that enhance brain function and can, when blended ideally, produce a joyful, uplifting, blissful effect. Doesn't that sound nice?

We discovered the sip at NYC's Strategist pop-up holiday shop last week, where the pretty tipple was being served from a shimmery, flower-festooned bar. Co-founder Jen Batchelor says "We created Kin Euphorics as a way to offer conscious consumers a more elevated way to revel. We didn't see any reason our self-care rituals had to stop at sunset and we certainly weren't willing to compromise our health for a night on the town." The effect the botanical blend has on the body is palpable: after a two-ounce serving, your senses feel heightened and you feel warmer, chattier, and creatively charged (think: all the benefits of booze with none of the hangover). Not in NYC? KIN is also hosting beta bar tastings around the country, gearing up for their nationwide launch later this season (pre-order a bottle here). In the meantime, Thanksgiving's this Thursday and we're serving up this gorgeous martini, which has zero booze but packs a bounty of feel-good-inducing vibes. 

KIN Rose Fig Martini

1 cup chopped purple figs 
1/2 cup rose hydrosol
1/2 cup hibiscus water
1/4 lemon juice
2 oz KIN High Rhode
Splash of tonic

Stir and serve, preferably with flower accents and a smile.