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January's closing in, guys. Just over a week left to really cement your good intentions to get yourself in a healthier state (if that was one of your resolutions—if not, feel free to ignore the below). With winter dreariness in full force, we thought a bit of visual inspo with a virtuous, vibrant vibe might lift your spirits. Our Rx of choice? Gorgeous smoothies. Is there nothing more cortisol-reducing than a flip through a gorgeous 'gram feed of pretty bowls and jars of beautifully whipped-up, healthy, pretty sips? Ok, puppies and babies might do the trick, too—but you can make these smoothies your very own. Your friend's cute baby? Not so much. 

A smoothie sets the tone for your day—it says "I'm healthy! I care! I've already had 5 fruits and veggies and it's not even 10 a.m!" With a start like that, even the grayest winter day starts to look a bit brighter. Here are a few that we're bookmarking to make up at home. 


The pretty swirl in this banana, vanilla, blackberry + mint smoothie is a chia-based jam. Yum! 


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The prettiest palette ever. Who knew frozen blueberries could be so pretty?


Dragonfruit for the win. 


@Earthyandy's tropical bent can't be beat. 


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What's black and white and yum all over? Chia smoothies, y'all.  


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The secret to that rosy hue? Raw beets. 


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All lined up and ready to go.