Under the Tuscan Sun. Swept Away. The Talented Mr. Ripley. We're currently binge-watching movies that feature a dazzling backdrop that practically outshines its stars: Italy. Wanderlust in summertime can be particularly hard to beat, and this year we're aching for the blue of the Mediterranean, particularly the cerulean hue of the Bay of Naples, and Ischia, the super-verdant island that gives its neighbor, Capri, a run for its money. While the Amalfi Coast gets all the attention, Ischia quietly welcomes wise tourists, mostly from Europe, with its sandy shores, gorgeous beaches, and beautiful landscape. With an abundance of natural beauty, five-star hospitality and pizza to die for (it is a stone's throw from Naples, where pizza was born), Ischia is perhaps Italy's best-kept secret.

The main attraction here are a handful of thermal water spas, which tap the island's natural resources for incredible relaxation experiences, many in form of flotation and hydrotherapy. Traveling here is fairly simple, though requires a ferry from the port in Naples, which we think adds an extra layer of escape. The slideshow above highlights some of our favorite spots in Ischia, but be warned: You will immediately want to hop a flight after clicking through. Get that passport ready.