You can have the boys of summer—all we care about are the girls. One on our radar is Jun Lee, founder of EiR NYC, a nourishing range of sunblocks and skin salves that do their job with zero nasties and loads of hand-sourced, hand-mixed ingredients. EiR's Surf Mud is the stuff of legends among Montauk's surf set, for its super-hydrating yet ultra-shielding power that boasts tea tree oil to make it certifiably breakout-proof. A natural on the water (among other things, Lee was also a Muay Thai pro fighter and likes to hit the motocross track, too), Lee set out with her longboard a few years back and wound up in Bali for two months of nothing but waves and relaxation. While casting around on the island for the best crests and secret surf spots, she also got a pretty good lay of the land, which she's spelled out for us below. Warning: the travelogue below will absolutely cause you to conjure a "drop everything and surf" summer fantasy. We say go with it. 

Manik Organik 


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Super fresh organic food and juices! I was staying across the street so I ate here almost all the time.



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Biasia in Seminyak for shopping. Beautiful colorful linen kaftans, scarves to die for.


Deus Ex Machina


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A motorcycle shop and art gallery with a cafe. Super-cool spot to pick up T-shirts for you and your BF. On one visit they hosted a Taco and Tats Tuesday, where a tattoo artist was doing free tattoos. I think I had fish tacos and watched. They have super-fun, limited-edition prints from local and not-so-local artists, like T-shirts designed by Steve Gee. 


Drifter Surf


A great place to hang out and grab a coffee. They have great photography books, surf magazines and videos.


Jimbaran Bay


Seafood for days! They have a row of restaurants that look like fish markets. You can pick the fish yourself and have it cooked in a coconut shell coal BBQ grill. It's heaven. 


Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay



A really fancy place to get a drink and hang out. So much of what I did in Bali was down low and local, so it was nice to have a little treat. 


Serangan Beach 


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This is a 15 minute moped ride from Sanur and Seminyak. When I was there, I left my long board at the warung on the beach. The ladies at the warung would bring me fresh fruit in the a.m. and fish for lunch. They also would bring my board out every morning before I got there—I could stay there all day and totally be taken care of!


Uluwatu Surf Villas


This cool surf village has super-fun music events, yoga etc. You can choose to not leave this place because  it's self contained and super beautiful.