Whether it’s a free spirit surfer babe or a fashion-forward wetsuit, every shot by photographer Cait Miers makes us feel like we’re riding the waves (or holding our breath beneath them!) right along with her and her subject. We sat down with this amphibious photographer to talk about her love for the sea, the unique challenges of shooting underwater, and how we can all help look after our world’s oceans.


BIKINI: How do your different photography subjects – surf, travel, fashion, lifestyle — influence one another in your work?

CAIT MIERS: I think they all complement each other quite well. My style is the same across those four different subjects that I shoot. I shoot fashion in a very relaxed way, which complements my surf photography. Travel and lifestyle are similar, in the fact that I always try to not do "set up" shots. I like to shoot in the moment.


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BIKINI: How do you capture your subject’s genuine personality?

CM: I always try to capture really in-between moments. So generally, I tell my subject to pretend I’m not there, then I feel everything just happens more naturally.



BIKINI: What’s your favorite location you’ve ever photographed in?

CM: I’d say the Maldives.



BIKINI: When did you first become interested in underwater photography?

CM: Pretty early on, actually. I knew I wanted to do underwater photography from the get-go, I just needed some help figuring it all out.


BIKINI: What’s a unique challenge of shooting underwater?

CM: Basically, trying to balance everything that’s happening at once. The ocean is really unpredictable so you have to be alert for anything. Keeping still is hard, and you have to be super still to get the under/over shots.


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BIKINI: What does the ocean mean to you?

CM: Everything! I grew up around it, and I spend all my free time in the ocean. It’s so important we look after it now more than ever.



BIKINI: What do you think we should be doing to look after our oceans?

CM: Scrapping plastic bags, plastic bottles, cleaning up your rubbish when you leave the beach. There are so many little things we can do to help save our oceans.


BIKINI: What ocean conservation efforts are you involved in?

CM: I was recently an ambassador for August the Label’s Protect Our Reef campaign, which brings awareness to the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s incredible work out on the Great Barrier Reef. I would definitely like to get involved with more, though, as I feel my images and brand definitely align with ocean conservation, and it’s something I'm deeply passionate about.



BIKINI: What would you say to someone who wants to help look after our oceans, but doesn’t know where to start?

CM: Start with you. Start at the ground. Doing little things like minimizing the waste you use at the beach, not taking marine life out of its natural habitat, eliminating use of plastics: these all help. Start with you, and it can only grow from there.


To learn more about how you can get involved in looking after our oceans, visit Oceana.org.