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If you don't have a jar of Leahlani Skincare's sumptuous Bless Balm on your vanity, you are missing out on one of the most luxurious, intoxicating natural beauty products of the moment. Founder Leah Klasvosky channels her Hawaiian surroudings into her gorgeous natural skincare potions, and also calls one of Hawaii's most famous beaches her absolute fave. 

"One of my all time favorite beaches in Hawaii is Waikiki at night. During the day,  Waikiki is covered with people from all over the world. The sand is sprinkled with giant orange umbrellas, vibrant beach towels, surfboards and beautiful smiles. and the air smells like sunblock and sea spray. The vibe is so alive and infectious. But it is the nighttime at Waikiki that I love the most. The moonlight reflects so beautifully off of the sea, the water is warm and so are the tropical trade winds, and there are dozens of fish jumping in the shallow water. It feels so quiet and peaceful, but when you turn around, you can see the lights twinkling in all of the hotel rooms on the horizon. There is such a different feeling in both the day and night, but I love them both the same." —Leah Klasovksy