jessica kawiecinski in bali

Kwiecinski at low tide. 

Jessica Kwiecinski and her twin sister, Casey, are taking the surf world by storm—and having the best time ever. From their laid-back attitude about competition to their free-spirited sense of style (check out their Be Your Own Brand Insta for proof), it's obvious that they're not your usual surf kids. In our latest installment of My Favorite Beach, Jessica takes us to a breathtaking island in Bali where the pace is slow, the tide gets low, and time seems to stand still. 

"This past fall I traveled to Bali, Indonesia. I've always enjoyed the simplicity of island lifestyles, but Bali was way more hectic and busy than I had expected. One day, we took a boat over to Nusa Lembongan and I absolutely fell in love with it. The water was perfectly clear, you could walk everywhere, and the locals were super nice and welcoming. It was absolutely picture-perfect. There were boats all around and the waves were incredible. It was very tide-dependent for surfing, so in between sessions we just relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of the place." —Jessica Kwiecinski