Kingscliff Beach in New South Wales, Australia. 

Youth isn't always wasted on the young. Case in point: surfer Isabella Nichols, who simultaneously surfed into the top slot in the Junior World Championship Of Surfing and finished high school last year (she was also Blake Lively's stunt double in The Shallows!). She's clearly living it up and loving her surf-centric lifestyle, which means she spends lots of time at the beach. The Aussie, who recently sat down to answer a few questions with us,  is currently surfing her way through some of the ocean's most amazing swells, and clued us in as to where her favorite spot is right now. 



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"It's really hard for me to pinpoint my one favorite beach as there are so many amazing beaches in the world. At the moment I've been surfing around the far north coast of New South Wales, from Byron Bay to Kingscliff. There is always a fun bank no matter what wind or swell direction. It's summer now, so the water is really warm, and school holidays are over — so it's super uncrowded." —Isabella Nichols