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When we chatted with Aussie photographer Fran Miller earlier this year, we were wowed by her moody, beautiful beach shots and dedication to her craft. Since snapping surfers is her passion, she spends her life at the beach—and though she's traveled the globe shooting gorgeous waves, her favorite beach is suprisingly close to home. 

"My favorite beach is Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast of Australia! It’s about three minutes from my house, and I go there every single day. It’s the perfect place with golden sand, crystal clear water and golden sunsets. Every morning, I wake up and see what the waves are doing in the bay and try and go for a surf. After surfing, it’s the perfect place to sit with my friends and picnic under the pine trees that overlook the ocean. It’s also one of my favourite places to take surfing photographs. There are so many different surfing styles out at Rainbow Bay. You have cruising longboard ladies all the way to high performance shortboarders so there is always something cool and exciting to watch. When you see how clear the water is at Rainbow Bay, you could almost think you are on a tropical island. But then I see my friends walking their dogs down the beach which reminds me that I am in the comfort of my own hometown! It’s the perfect place to visit, and even better to live." —Fran Miller