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Amanda Kloots is the kind of girl who plays hard. As founder of The Rope NYC, the former Rockette kicks it into high gear most day of the week, churning out cardio-packed classes at Bandier, an in-the-know boutique fitness studio. But when she's off duty, Kloots knows how to sloooooooow down, preferring the sugar-white sand in the Cayman Islands. Below she dishes about her happy place, and boy do we want an invite! 

"My favorite beach is 7 Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. I love this beach because the water is crystal clear, and there are barely any waves. It's perfect to lay in, relax, and soak up the sunshine! My ideal day starts off early with coffee overlooking the ocean as I listen to the gentle waves lapping at the shore to get my body going. Then I do a quick jump rope workout on the veranda with the water as my workout inspiration. I whip up a delicious breakfast and head down to the beach. The rest of the morning and afternoon is a cycle of wading in the water, reading a new hot novel, snorkeling, and sunbathing (there may be a pina colada in there at some point). My favorite time of day at the beach is that five o'clock hour, when the sun is cooling down and the beach gets quiet. I love sitting and watching the ocean and talking to whomever I am on vacation with. I head inside, shower, and grab a glass of wine to watch the sunset before cooking or heading somewhere for dinner." —Amanda Kloots