San Onofre Beach


We've fallen so hard for Amanda Chinchelli's swim line, Seea. The suits are sleeper favorites: perfectly wearable and utterly beautiful, combining practicality and style in a way that really works for real life. When we asked Chinchelli to let us in on her fave beach, it was no suprise that the shore nearest to her heart is a mythical surfing spot protected by a state park — just like her suits, her favorite beach is a hidden gem. 

"My favorite beach is San Onofre. Is my current playground for surfing and relaxing weekend with the family. My husband Brian and I park the van in front of the ocean, and our daughter plays all day while we take turns and surf. It's one of the main places while I get my inspiration — so many graceful sliders of the sea out there. Since San Onofre is part of the California State Parks, only so many people can drive down the cliff and park right by the water — on the weekends if there are waves and sun, you might have to wait up to an hour to get in (when the beach is full, you have to wait for someone to leave in order to get in). Once you're down on the sand, it’s like going back in time — so many old cars and surf vans. I've heard from friends who surfed there in the ’60s that it is still very similar to how it was back then. The happy/stoked vibe is very contagious, and you share waves with surfers of all ages." —Amanda Chinchelli