Love to travel, but can't decide where to go? We've got the dreamiest destination for you: Trinidad and Tobago. Travel blogger Gabrielle Agostini of The Trini Traveller is ready to convince you — see below for the 10 things she loves most on these gorgeous Caribbean islands. 


Gabrielle Agostini Marion Villa

DESTINATION: The Marion Villa

WHAT'S UNIQUE: It's a modern and chic villa located along the east coast of Tobago. There are stunning views of Bacolet Bay below its jaw-dropping infinity pool.

FAVORITE MEMORY: I spent my 30th birthday party weekend at The Marion Villa with my friends. We had an amazing time!

REASON TO VISIT: It is a perfect place to spend a relaxing weekend with family and friends in Tobago.


Gabrielle Agostini Nylon Pool


WHAT'S UNIQUE: It is my favorite spot in Tobago. You are in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, a few miles off the coast, yet in shallow and crystal clear waters.

FAVORITE MEMORY: Spending the day with my friends on the glass-bottom boat ride and having fun in the waters of the Nylon Pool.

REASON TO VISIT: It is a natural wonder of Tobago and an absolutely splendid site to visit if you're interested in lounging in the water for the day.


Gabrielle Agostini Asa Wright Center

DESTINATION: Asa Wright Nature Centre

WHAT'S UNIQUE: The magical nature of the beauty around the center, with the singing of its beautifully colored birds and roaming little animals.

FAVORITE MEMORY: I had only visited once during the rainy season and was so excited. Unfortunately, we could not attend the hike as we were not appropriately dressed! Nevertheless, the mist in the forest was breathtaking and birds bustling around the house was picture-perfect.

REASON TO VISIT: It is the best place in Trinidad to appreciate all the flora and fauna, especially our hundreds of species of birds and hummingbirds.


Gabrielle Agostini Carnival


WHAT'S UNIQUE: Carnival is an event that I can never miss! The beautiful costumes, the sweet soca music and the atmosphere during this time of year is what a lot of Trinis (the nickname for locals) wait for annually.

FAVORITE MEMORY: I have played Carnival 13 times, as I am totally obsessed with the festival. Every year has been unbelieveably amazing, but my favorite was when I was a section leader for Harts Carnival in 2015! I got to wear a massive costume and lead the section of costumes with my sister.

REASON TO VISIT: It is the second largest Carnival in the world. Everyone should visit at least once in their lives. There is so much culture and fun to be had during this event.


Gabrielle Agostini Icacos Point


WHAT'S UNIQUE: I can get away from the city life, unwind and admire a million tall and magnificent coconut trees.

FAVORITE MEMORY: At dusk, we drove our car out to the swamp and witnessed dozens of scarlet ibis, our natural bird, in the waters. They are stunning red beauties.

REASON TO VISIT: This part of Trinidad is very rare to visit, even by the locals. It is one of the most beautiful spots in Trinidad and Tobago, with thousands upon thousands of acres of coconut trees and untouched beaches.


Gabrielle Agostini Pigeon Point Heritage Park

DESTINATION: Pigeon Point Heritage Park

WHAT'S UNIQUE: It's my favorite beach in Tobago, as its white sandy beaches and blue waters are breathtaking. There is a lot to do here, whether it's lounging on a chair, relaxing by the bar, or engaging in water sports like jet skis, kite surfing or glass-bottom boat rides.

FAVORITE MEMORY: Floating in the clear waters of the gorgeous beach and sipping on piña coladas from the beach bar!

REASON TO VISIT: The most iconic spot to take photos in Tobago is the infamous Pigeon Point Jetty. You cannot visit Tobago and not snap one!


Gabrielle Agostini Maracas Beach

DESTINATION: Maracas Beach

WHAT'S UNIQUE: I love the long and winding drive to the beach. We pass through the lush green mountains of the northern range, to eventually discover the beautiful Maracas Bay's white sand and blue waters.

FAVORITE MEMORY: There is a look-out bar just before Maracas where you can get the best views of the bay. I love stopping there on my way just to get a sneak peek of the day to come.

REASON TO VISIT: It is the number-one beach in Trinidad for Trinis and visitors, as it is a great place to visit with your friends or family and enjoy the sun, sea and surf!

Gabrielle Agostini Old Fire Station

DESTINATION: Old Fire Station

WHAT'S UNIQUE: I adore the architecture of this building and its historical value to the country.

FAVORITE MEMORY: Attending the Bocas Lit Festival, which is held every April. I can be a part of and listen to the great work produced by the world's top authors and poets.

REASON TO VISIT: To discover a hidden gem buried in the heart of the city center that houses one of the world's best literary festivals!


Gabrielle Agostini Buccoo Bay


WHAT'S UNIQUE: I booked a horseback riding tour with Being with Horses. It's an initiative to assist the non-profit Healing with Horses, which gives therapeutic services to hundreds of disabled individuals using equine nature therapy.

FAVORITE MEMORY: My horse, Princess, was full of spirit. On the day I rode her, she was a bit too scared to go through the water. With a little nudge, we were on our way to riding past the rest of the group.

REASON TO VISIT: It is an unreal experience, admiring the beauty of Tobago, while feeling the power of the horse riding through the clear and calm waters of Buccoo Bay. It is also a great cause to help support!


Gabrielle Agostini Down de Islands

DESTINATION: Down de Islands (DDI)

WHAT'S UNIQUE: DDI is unique to the Caribbean as it is a group of little islands off the north coast of Trinidad. Many locals have lovely vacation houses located directly on the water. I have visited many times and fall in love on every visit!

FAVORITE MEMORY: The scenery is beautiful — however, I do love a DDI boat party! They are so much fun and the warm weather makes it possible any weekend of the year.

REASON TO VISIT: Taking a sailing cruise or boat ride to one of the most beautiful bays, such as Turtle Bay and Chacachacare. You can relax and partake in water sports. I have never experienced anything like DDI anywhere else in the world, so it's a must-visit!