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16 Jan

You've Never Seen Animal Prints This Untamed

Posted by Bikini Owner

Animal prints are no novelty in the universe of fashion trends. In fact, the first clothing ever worn by anyone in the human race featured animal prints ... you know, wooly mammoth hide, saber tooth tiger fur ... that sort of thing. Since the caveman era, animal prints have grown so mainstream that even nurses' scrubs come in patterns of the zebra and snake persuasion.

Yet somehow, animal prints keep cropping up in haute couture. Year after year, designers continue to draw inspiration from our striped and spotted co-habitants of planet Earth.

When fashion trends are as commonplace as animal prints, however, they call for a little reinvention. Which is why we are so fiercely delighted by the pieces in the gallery above. From gold crocodile satchels to serpentine gladiator sandals, flip through our wildlife-inspired picks of the season.