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17 Dec

You Need to Try This Free Online Workout

Posted by Bikini Owner in butt workout, Sydney Cummings, thigh workout

We're obsessed with online fitness videos — and the freer, the better. This week: Sydney Cummings' mini-band workout. 

Workout: Sydney Cummings' 30 Minute Butt and Thighs Burnout With Mini Band 

What it's working: Legs and rear

Equipment needed: Mini-bands. If you haven't used them before, they're amazing if you're working out on the road — you can throw them in your bag and they weigh virtually nothing, and they're as good or better than standard dumbbells for really achieving a strength workout while you're traveling. 

Time: 30 minutes

Grade: A

How hard was it (1-10)? 7

Super sweaty (1-10): 3 (barely)

Review: I loved this Sydney Cummings workout, which really challenged my inner and outer thighs and of course the entire rear-end area — enough so that I was a little shaky walking down my stairs right after. Bands make this workout so awesome — neither ankle weights nor standard dumbbells can really get into the muscles when you're doing a move like, say, fire hydrant to work the outer thighs/lower butt. If you can, be sure to bring multiple resistance bands so you can give yourself a tougher challenge if you need it. 

The warm-up isn't super inspiring, but things quickly improve once we move into the thigh/butt exercises. Some of these were killer — others I didn't feel as much, like the Romanian dead lifts, but I'm not sure if that's because of how I did them or if it's just an awkward move with bands. All in all, though, I felt really worked out, and there was a good mix of super-tough and not that bad. 

I'll definitely do this workout again when I'm on the road. It reminded me a little of Tracy Anderson's totally butt-intensive workouts — but of course those are super expensive and this one's free. Try it now! If you're new to working out, I'd give it a go without the bands.