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05 Nov

Yes, You Can Be A Minimalist Packer


A post shared by Jessica Hunter (@chicdisheveled) on

Blogger Jessica Hunter has the real-life style thing down to a science. At her site, Chic And Disheveled, she's proved her mettle as an editor with a superior eye. Which is why we knew she was the perfect recruit for a story about streamlined packing — as a jet-setting fashionista, she's nailed the art of crafting the perfectly curated carry-on. Lucky for you, she's spilled her secrets below. As the holiday season gets into full swing, her smart secrets can help us all travel light — but chic. 

"When packing for a weekend getaway, I try my hardest to limit myself to a carry-on in order to avoid over-packing, lost luggage, additional airline fees and unnecessary time waiting for luggage (I'd rather spend that time adventuring). That being said, I'm also a fashion blogger, so I'm constantly changing up my look and posting outfit pictures on the ‘gram — so I can’t really get away with wearing the same thing every day. As a result, I've picked up some helpful travel hacks along the way for maximizing space and packing like a pro, and have also carefully curated a list of ‘never-leave-home-without-it essentials,’ whether the destination is the beach or the slopes."— Jessica Hunter 

Pick the Right Carry-On

I prefer a lightweight, hard-shell carry-on (make sure you choose a carry-on by airline standards and not just one that you can pick up). I love this Marble version from Calpak because it is easy to spot, and has an expandable compartment in case you pick up any souvenirs along the way.  

When packing, I always roll my clothing because it is a huge space-saver.  I also wear my jacket and chunkiest shoes on the plane to save space. Avoid bulky sweaters and threads that wrinkle — opt for fabrics like cashmere or jersey instead. It also helps to pick (and stick to!) a color palette so that you can mix and match your pieces.




Protect Your Portable Electronics

When I'm headed out of town, whether it's for work or play, I always bring my laptop, Polaroid camera, iPhone and wireless headphones. I love storing all of my cords in those splash-proof cases to keep them organized and keep them safe just in case anything else in the carry-on bag spills. I love the new toucan one by COOLA X Aloha which comes with travel-sized sunscreen goodies inside.

I also make sure to download/cache a few of my fave Spotify playlists so that I have some tunes to listen to on the plane and during my vacay, even if there isn’t any Wi-Fi handy.



Travel Sets for the WIN

I love travel sets for both my skincare and beauty needs. They are affordably priced so you can splurge on really great brands, are TSA-approved, and, more often than not, come in really cute cases which makes them easy to grab and go.

My go-to skincare brand as of late is Alba1913 — a majority of their products are vegan and have worked wonders on my skin. I am also super obsessed with the new beauty brand Stowaway that is designed for a girl on the go their ‘Take Flight Set’ has everything you need to make sure you look your best when you land.

stowaway cosmetics

Statement-Making Sunnies

I always have a pair of sunnies on hand. Oversized options are great because they also serve as a Do Not Disturb sign if you happen to sit next to an overly chatty passenger, and they also look uber-chic when taking your #airportOOTD pics. I opt for a black or tortoise aviator styles because they're universally flattering and mix well with gold or silver jewelry.

sunglassesLet Your Accessories Make the Outfit

An oversized scarf is always a great option because it can keep you warm if there is a draft on the plane or in a restaurant, serve as a cover-up, camouflage beach hair or give you an extra layer against the elements when vacationing in colder climates.

I also love to pack several belts, statement necklaces and pairs of earrings because they can easily transform a look without taking up too much space. I tend to avoid taking any expensive jewelry with me so I don’t get disappointed if it gets lost, stolen or broken along the way.

That being said, I never leave home without my Saint Christopher necklace. I have been collecting them since I went to surf camp in high school — legend has it that Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travel and the pendants have become one of my favorite things to collect in my travels — they also make great gifts to bring back home to family and friends.