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22 Nov

Why We're Super Thankful For Abysse

Posted by Bikini Owner in Abysse, bikini, eco-friendly, sustainable, swimwear, Thanksgiving

Happy Thankgiving, everybody! 

We hope you're taking a solid look at your gratitude list today. (Seriously — if you don't already do it, make everybody at your Thankgiving table say what they're most thankful for this year. It's surprisingly heartwarming.) 

Here at Bikini, we're grateful for our colleagues and our community. We're also thankful to have the chance to share the work of amazing designers — especially those brands that are working to make the world a better, cleaner, more sustainable place. There's no value at Bikini held in higher esteem than a reverence for the ocean and the natural world. Which is why today we're particularly grateful for our Abysse swimsuits. This eco-friendly brand shares our love of bikinis and the sea — while going the extra mile to create environmentally mindful pieces.


Bell Active Top, $95 and Junko Active Pant, $125


This philosophy comes naturally to Hanalei Reponty, Abysse's Tahiti-born designer. After the oil industry, the fashion world — including swimwear — is the second-largest pollutant on Earth — and to wave-lovers like her, this just doesn’t sit well. Abysse wetsuits and bikinis exclusively use fabrics that do not harm our planet. They're made out of eco-friendly rubber, 100% Japanese limestone neoprene, and recycled fibers collected from fishing nets on the Italian coastline. Few other brands are as committed to sourcing safe materials. 



Dawn Bikini Top, $85 and Dara Bikini Bottom, $85


In addition, Reponty actively seeks to give back to the one thing she adores the most. By partnering with Sirens of The Sea — a scientist collective that specializes in oceanic and environmental issues — she supports organizations that protect the Great Barrier Reef, address single-use plastic waste, and fight harmful fishing programs. Plain and simple: This is a brand with a purpose! May we all be so inspired in 2018. 


Ellle One-Piece, $230


So today, we give thanks for Abysse's fight to educate, conserve and preserve the seas. Who would we be without our oceans? 


Lotta One-Piece, $350



Wynona One-Piece, $500


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