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01 Oct

The Wellness Festival To Watch

Posted by Bikini Owner in Wanderlust yoga festival, Wellspring retreat


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Back-to-school mind isn't just for kids. Every fall, we find ourselves seeking a bit of that student experience for ourselves if only to draw us back onto the grid after a summer of all-over-the-place abandon. We know we're not in school anymore, but for some reason, September always feels a bit more like the start of a new year than January. Zeroing in on the "new" year and getting back to routines has us putting our heads down to refine and focus our energies on what really matters. 

One place where we're focusing lots of energy is into wellness and self-care as we dig out of our summer of indulgences (are we the only ones who spent the entire season sipping rosé and munching chips while thinking about ice cream?). Readjusting our diet and revving up our Mind Body app to click into classes that help us feel lighter and brighter is a start, but we're seeking immersion to fully commit. When we heard about Wellspring, a retreat in Palm Springs from the folks who put together the Wanderlust festival (no relation to our super-chic subscription box, but a happy coincidence), we snapped to attention. 

With three days of programming that span topics like Ayurveda, healing through sleep, DIY apothecary gardening and more, this mega-retreat seems like the place to fully explore all the tenets of wellness that you're maybe hearing or thinking about but need more intel to fully grasp and incorporate into your life. The programming is broken up into streams that speak to the Conscious Entrepreneur or the Clean Beauty Connoisseur, making it really easy to find your path and follow a pre-planned schedule that will expose you to myriad branches of the same tree. Speakers like Alicia Silverstone, Dr. Habib Sadeghi (a frequent Goop contributor), Dr. Gary Zukov, and Thinx co-founder Miki Agrawal, among others, bring a vast spectrum of knowledge about different wellness modalities to the long weekend of panels and workshops. 

Also — did we mention that it's in Palm Springs? The desert oasis has its own zen quality that instantly brings us back to your bodies and minds in a way that few other places can. Can three days jump-start a lifetime of good intentions? We'll let you know when we're back.