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24 Dec

This Week's Staff Fave: Break All The Rules in Boys + Arrows

Posted by Bikini Owner

boys + arrows bev the burglar top

Whether you're stealing glances at the handsome skim boarder across the beach or snagging sips from your best friend's tequila, Boys + Arrows' trusty "Bev The Burglar Top" will distract any onlookers from catching you. With its slinky straps and understated pops of color, this top was made for the fashionable daredevil that likes to (subtly) walk on the wild side.

Bikini Profile

The Body Type

Seamless yet triple lined, this top is suitable for most bust sizes. The multi-strap tank cut can make broad shoulders look slimmer, and the deep v-neckline was designed for showing off cleavage.

The Vibe

With a top called "Bev The Burglar," the name says it all. Bold yet efficient, the girl wearing Bev likes to look stylish and individualistic on her adventures without a lot of cumbersome parts to get in the way as she makes her escape. Low maintenance style is the key philosophy.

Style Tip

Pair this top with the matching striped bottom, or mix and match with a solid red or solid black pick. Don't forget to top it all off with this perfect Panama hat.

The Bottom Line

A flattering top for stylish, no-fuss adventurers who want to be able to jump into the ocean knowing that their bikini top will stay firmly in place (and look terribly chic while doing so).

Boys + Arrows Bev The Burglar Top, $106